Saturday, 28 March 2020

New Beginnings.

A bit of a photographic flashback to April 2017

One of my personal highlights of spring are the buds forming on so many trees. An awakening that is truly inspiring and stunning. From bare branches to blossoms to abundant fruits...kind of what might be in store for all of us at the moment.
How vibrant are these colours? Even though we only have March now, these were taken in April three years ago and point to climate change as these same blossoms are everywhere at the moment. By the way, the reason I don't have new photos is because my camera has given up its ghost...
A happy imprint on our souls...much better than the one that tends to be formed at the moment.
Different time of the morning and different angle of sunlight but nature does show itself of a most majestic side.
A purple lilac at the top of our garden gave the most divine scent for those who chose to get close. Nature, wonderful.
Finally, another blast from years past...taken at the Weinfrühling 2018, which sadly has been cancelled for this year. But, a nice analogy...Life is how we look at it...


Friday, 27 March 2020

An Added Lockdown Luxury.

A housewife's paradise.

A home is a living place and tidying up on one side of it often means the other needs it too. A revolving door of cleaning. Cleaning is only rewarding for a select few who in fact make an art-form out of it. Shiny and far from opaque windows usually provide the first clue. Each to their own I suppose but I rather enjoy, especially now, looking out of my dust coloured windows.

Three weeks of home bound existence poses quite a few challenges but also wonderful benefits. Rest and relaxation, spending time with the inner circle of loved family ( although there are times when I catch a slight twinge of irritation in my beloved's voice! ) and let's face it, not having to go to work.

The most attractive side effect of this corona isolation is the sheer luxury of not having to have a tidy house. Tidy-ish naturally but over the top...not! The sheer luxury of knowing nobody will knock on the door for a surprise visit causing one to go into a minute's worth of supersonic cleaning, is absolutely priceless and rather special.

Many a 'cleaning chip ' has slid of many a housewife's shoulders even though homes aren't being left to ruin. A routine is best and even I adhere to one. Dishes done, beds made, sink clean, lounge neatened and laundry out on the line, oh and cats fed...but with the onset of a weekend the sheer pleasure of not doing much housework, lounging in sweats all with the seal of government's approval is indescribable and one of a kind...before we know it this precious albeit scary time will come to an end and then we all will lament our stupidity at wasting those few weeks of forced holidays we normally only daydream about...