Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Weeding Out The Old Wardrobe Inhabitants.

 Long overdue and not so hard to do.

I can't tell you how many programs I've seen about arranging, sorting, discarding and minimizing the old wardrobe. Oodles I tell you, and each time I promised myself to follow suit...famous last words, until the night before and appropriately in the middle of it, I mentally started to weed out the various bits of our wardrobe only to thankfully follow suit yesterday morning.

The thought of it is more of a stumbling block than actually doing it. Equipped with a hearty breakfast and enthusiasm I started. Holding up each item of clothing and thinking of whether I love, wear or like it was not that easy. The mind tended to sabotage by flitting thoughts like across;

   " No, don't throw that away. There might be an occasion when this top might come in handy. "

How silly because realistically, if I haven't worn it in the last year, I more than likely won't wear it in the next. In the throw-away pile it went. It isn't as if my clothes had cost me a fortune. Most of what I have is second-hand ( by choice! ) but even though, parting with them was hard.

 Cunningly I took the throw-away pile ( some clothes are too worn-out to give to someone else ) and straightaway took it outside to the bin. A sort of out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of deal. You know what, it worked because later in the afternoon when Bob came home to do his side of the wardrobe, I had already forgotten which items of clothing I had thrown out. Win, win...

Bob had it easier as I had put all of his t-shirts and shirts onto the bed into piles, neatly folded. He surprised me by being decisive and quick with all his decisions and his throw-away pile got nice and hefty. One funny aside; when it came to sorting out his drawers' drawer, he was mightily surprised at how many ' new ' ones where lurking in the back of it. 

" I didn't realize how many drawers I have. In the mornings I just take the one in front because it's there. "

Today I am so pleased with the spaces on our shelves and drawers. It feels much lighter and better and is a breeze to choose from. Let's see how long the order lasts.


Monday, 12 April 2021

The Quaint Sub-Plots Of Small Village Life.

 Life wouldn't be the same without them...

Look, sub-plots abound around us. Not discounting the avian wing that constantly performs one opera after the other, life in a small village simply lends itself for quaintness and unique characteristics.

Take this morning for example. There I was coming back from a long walk when I noticed a car idling halfway around the corner of the road next to our house. Yes, basically in the middle the road, half in and out of the bend nicely blocking any and all traffic. Not that there is that much apart from the huge cement trucks for the construction down the road-not much of a challenge and somehow makes me think that this chap hadn't thought through his choice of road for idling. 

Well, the reason he was idling was that he was chatting to a friend who happened to be walking by. Nothing like rolling down your window and shooting the breeze for the next ten minutes. Couldn't help but notice as they chose to chinwag right outside our house.

As I was turning into our gate the one chap opined that I was rather late coming home from my walk! Ah, keeping track, isn't he...

Another lovely little quaint line in today's plot was the fact that halfway into my walk, as I was turning the corner, I stumbled onto my husband loading up his work van. Nice surprise and luckily for him he looked pleased to see me too. No, no, hardly stopped my stride to say hello and thankfully so because his work mates drove up at exactly the same moment. Imagine if they'd seen us hugging and kissing? Bob wouldn't live that down...

Living in a big city often equates to those divine quaint little human asides being overpowered by  the sheer enormity of navigating the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of living in a city. Look, not everyone would and could enjoy life in a small village but for me it has meant the luxury of having time and the opportunity to take note of the lovely sub-plots of this aria called life.