Friday, 28 March 2014

Feinschmecker Wine Awards 2014: Christoph Wachter Is The Newcomer Of The Year!

Wow, yet another world class winemaker in our neighbourhood.

This proves it: Living in this spot in Südburgenland is like winning the Trifacta.

  1. The best winemakers & wines voted by the experts.
  2. The most scenic, stunning and soul resonating surroundings.
  3. The most friendly people.

Christoph Wachter is still in his 20's but gosh, he is creating wines that win awards and ignite the wine connoisseurs with renewed enthusiasm and sheer joy in drinking a glass of wine. It's funny to see him around the village or driving jauntily in the vineyards and at the same time know that he is a winemaker of note.

As you can see from this video clip, he loves making wine. Gosh, when I saw this clip, I couldn't wait to taste this and his future wines. He is still young and has so many vintages ahead of him. Tasting and of course drinking his wines will be something to look forward to each year. His family has a Buschenschank above his wine cellar and at various times in the year one can sit there, drink his delicious wines, eat the traditional local food and soak in the stunning scenery. Oh yes, his cellar is in the midst of the vineyards.

There are a handful of young winemakers in our village who are creating an amazing buzz and impression in the wine world. Winning awards is a by - product on the way to achieving vintages that they like. Wine is their calling and it its what makes our area so fabulous.

When Bob and I moved here, a Gemeinde ( district ) made up of 5 little villages with about 1100 people, most of our friends and dare I say family thought we were slightly mad. From the start of our life here, both of us loved this Gemeinde and the life it let us have. Pure gold. Pure paradise.

Well, little did anyone know, that Bob and I were moving to Wine Lover's Paradise.

Again, congratulations to Christoph. Fantastic achievment.
This makes it official: You need to pencil us into your holiday schedule or at least for a long weekend. P/S: Did I mention that we are only two hours drive time away from Vienna Airport? Here is a link to our Gemeinde website where you will find all the local accommodations etc.