Thursday, 13 December 2018

Chimney Sweep Time.

Preceded by a thorough clean.

Luckily mum uses the same chimney sweep. It can be quite territorial with each village having a particular chap, but somehow despite living in different villages we got the same one who only comes to our area four times a year from Rechnitz. Normally I write the dates into our calendar but for some reason not this year. I'll have to make an effort for next year's dates!

My plan was to do a turn at the Kohfidisch Spar and before I left I gave mum a call in case she needed anything. Well, lucky I did as what she said set me into a slight panic:

" Don't forget that the chimney sweep is coming today. I am busy cleaning the kitchen and stove right now. "
Oh yes, a tradesman of any kind elicits a turbo charged cleaning sprint, at least for me. Especially in a small community news of a less than spotless house can spread like wildfire!

Naturally my plans changed and I donned my cleaning paraphernalia ( gloves, mop and bucket ) and got cracking in the kitchen. Where he needs to clean the chimney is rather badly situated as it awards him a view of the whole kitchen floor and more.

Tradesmen unlock a higher degree of cleanliness than even family does and even as I write this I can feel how stupid it sounds, but so it is and I bet that I am not the only one!

Back in my Salon days I can remember how embarrassed clients were when they came in with greasy or dirty hair, yet, we hardly noticed ( unless extremely shiny ) as all hair was washed before any services and in any case, the back-bar ( wash stations ) were the best part and most loved by clients. A relaxed client was much more accepting of anything done or offered in the stylist's chair.

Well, now our chimney is sorted until spring, the kitchen floor is sparkling and another fabulous year is on the cards. Don't forget that chimney sweeps are the poster boys of good luck and fortune...


Wednesday, 12 December 2018

A Public Holiday That Actually Wasn't One.

The lure of Christmas lucre.

Last Friday I had found out about an impending public holiday that next day. Yikes, we had to scrape our shopping trip and make do ( with oodles to spare, as it turned out! ) with the food we had. Funny and a bit annoying to find out a few days later that even though it was a holiday, the shops at large all had their portals open.

I should have known that it would be hard to turn down a chance of grabbing holiday crazed shoppers' money. Maybe just as well that we didn't hotfoot it into Oberwart as it must have been hectic and overpopulated with irate and impatient Christmas shoppers.

This time of the year in particular we are inundated with adverts on TV and advertising literature in our postbox. Bob and I are still eccentrically old school by preferring to browse and shop in real shops. More than the actual grocery shopping we undertake in Oberwart, it is the lure of browsing that we enjoy...and of course lunch at our favourite Chinese restaurant.

How does one shop for perfume online? Going into stores to test the various perfumes and then going home to order them online isn't very fair at all. Bad karma indeed, although many do without loosing any sleep over it.

Well, the next public holidays will be in less than two weeks time and thankfully those are the real deal with shops closed and their staff having a well deserved time off before the dreaded Boxing Day returns.