Monday, 20 November 2017

A Mystical Monday Morning In Burgenland.

So cold one could see one's breath...

Always the church...this magic and extremely huge tree ( that you can only see a slither of ) can tell many a tale. Locally it's known as the ' kissing tree '
Can you see winter shining through? The air was as crisp as could be and seeing the tundras in front of me made up for leaving a warm house.
I feel like buying some ice-skates to pirouette through the distant field.
The pond. Rather easy ( ! ) to catch fish in it, isn't it? Weekends are usually a crush. Standing room only.
A slice of rural life. Slow living at its best...


Sunday, 19 November 2017

All About The Grapes & Nature.

A Sunday of beauty despite the weather being overcast.

A lovely birch tree morphing into a painting.
Sporadic bunches of grapes have been left as an offering to birds and deer. The overcast climes with the inevitable dew drops made this row of vines stunning to see.
The various layers of mist made little islands out of the forest's tree tops.
A bunch of grapes just waiting to be sampled.
An old hunter's lookout and yet a place one wants to be in to survey the forest, deer and birds living in front of it. A flask of hot coffee would be an essential...
The birch trees scattered about the Eisenberg vineyards create such comfort, nostalgia and privacy. A typical cottage on the apex of our local vineyards.