Monday, 25 January 2021

An Ordinary Monday.

 A quiet start to the week.

As for yesterday's haircut-affair...not so sure how Mr Bob feels about his haircut since I have yet to see him sans beanie. Even last night when we went to bed he sported it. Ditto for dinner and breakfast this morning. Doesn't bode well for me, does it?

I did my best although his chair was a bit on the low side because I kept on measuring the success of my haircut from a bird's eye view!!! Short on top and long on the sides which might explain how the original mullet came about. An experiment of spousal haircuts endeavours...At least he is still talking to and with me!

Today is the start of longer social distancing. At least 2 meters and the FFP2 mask in all public spaces, supermarkets, banks etc. Those two meters are jolly difficult to enforce. This morning I had business at our local bank and as there was a couple already inside, I waited in the anti-chamber. No other way to call it because it is a small enclosed space between the ATM outside and the tellers inside. Not big enough to swing a cat and most definitely not big enough to have two people wait in the queue. 

I was in the anti-chamber when a local man pulled up in the car-park  and battled up the steps. A slightly older and very overweight man, the sort who would be an attractive host to the little corona bug. The minute he opened the door in order to step inside, I stepped back and tried to make a joke about how hard it is to fit in the two meters. That stopped him in his tracks, halfway into the door. 

When I offered to change places with him to get him out of the cold, he told me that I couldn't catch anything from him as he gets tested three times per week. How to explain to him that that is besides the point and in any case, I was more worried about infecting him. No, don't think I've got corona, but one never knows especially with this new British one. Just takes the one contact.

He considered my explanation for a moment and decided to do another errant in the meantime. Shoo, that was close because I don't want to start an argument over the need to social distance. Contrary to popular belief it isn't the chance encounter with strangers but the familiar interaction with friends and family that provides nice and warm lodging to this jet-set virus. Interesting times ahead...


Sunday, 24 January 2021

Thank Goodness For Clippers.

 A dashing husband...

One of the lesser important aspects of the year of corona are hairstyles, or rather the lack of them. Honestly having golden locks and precision haircuts aren't the be all and end all of life...yet, there are times when I do hanker after some highlights and a proper haircut. 

Especially the other day when Bob let on how surprised he was when he noticed a few grey hairs on my head. Natural highlights he called them-ha, he's just lucky that his abundance of grey strands look good on him. Silver fox, extremely dashing. Men, they do have it made when it comes to hair colour...

Since the start of the pandemic I have stepped into Albert's footsteps and have cut Bob's hair. Not easy at all and just my luck that Albert is a stylist of the first order who even trained stylists couldn't come close to. Anyway, today I will attempt yet again to give Bob a reasonably nice haircut.

Now I know why most stylists keep client record cards. Can't for the life of me remember if I used a number 1, 2 or 3 for the last haircut. Despite watching a great many haircuts through the years it still comes as a surprise to run the clippers over a life head of hair. Clipper guard is a must as I couldn't outlive nicking Bob's ear or neck. He'd remind me on a continuous loop about the error of my ways.

The good thing is that our bathroom has only got one mirror so that Bob's unlikely to see the back of his head and as he only wears beanies during winter, none of his friends would notice nor mention a wifely mishap! 

Early on we bought a clipper set and I must say it was a great investment. Bob's hair would now be down to his shoulders if we hadn't and as the set included a pair of cheap hairdressing scissors, I have been chopping bits of my hair every now and again. Not great for hairdresser's coffers but, better than to run about like Rapunzel at my age... Wish me luck for this upcoming haircut.