Saturday, 22 February 2020

A Saturday In Paradise.

A gentle day to warm the soul.

Saturdays do have a way to steal one's heart. What's not to like? Time to do absolutely nothing or everything. Today though, I had a plan. A leisurely trip to Güssing with my parents.

For some time now I have been wanting to introduce them to the delights of yet another Chinese Restaurant-this one in Güssing. We set of at half past twelve and got back home just after four.

The Chinese buffet was a success as I think they liked it. A nice change to Buschenschanks. It isn't often we go back to childhood dynamics...going out for lunch with the folks! Great fun though.

For me there is nothing more relaxing than meandering through the aisles of a supermarket deciding what to buy. I read labels, I feel the produce and I contemplate what I could cook with what's in store. Sheer bliss for me, but not so much for my folks. They could be termed ' speed shoppers ' and it must have been rather trying to witness my slow pace while shopping. Never mind that I put foot compared to normal.

But I have to say, they were as good as gold and never complained about having to wait around for me. Spending an afternoon like today was very special, familiar and nice. Just a perfect way to morph into a casual Saturday evening with the appropriate household chores of feeding our three cats. Of course they were all lined up and waiting to be fed before I could even park the car in our garage. They even had the audacity to look irritated at being fed later than normal but were happy enough once they were fed...


Friday, 21 February 2020

A Weekend Of Excess?

Carnival is here.

One can't escape it. No matter which channel one watches, a slew of colourful yet silly outfits are beamed into our living rooms. Programs populated with cowboys, witches, Lords and intergalactic figures. Often these shows are coupled with comedians and I must say, the Germans do know who to roast their politicians. Great fun to watch. Yes, it seems dressing up for carnival or as we call it here, Fasching, is the thing to do. On Monday, Rosen Montag, most major cities will host huge carnival processions, televised of course.

Our own little village is also going to stage a carnival float procession, meandering one house and one schnapps at a time through the various streets of our neighbourhood. Ah well, what can I say except that this year I will emulate Houdini once again.

Fasching in a way is the last frivolity before the start of lent. The more outrageous the costume the better to let one's hair down! Yes, Wednesday lent is here again and along with somber times. For a start half the village will swear of alcohol for the foreseeable future which is a good bet as often the length of lent leads to many a promise's undoing. Sweets and sugar might join the ranks of things to forgo but hopefully so too will anger, guilt and negativity.

A few might be so brave as to swear off their smartphone until Easter and good for them. Reclaiming alone time with oneself far from being necessary, is actually priceless as it gives one back several hours a day.

Fasching is another date on the yearly calendar and just as vital as Christmas, Easter, Lent and New Year's Eve. It takes the fear out of time galloping away and at least for those few events throughout each year we can jump up onto the saddle and grab a hold of the bridle to slow time down...