Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dogs Have A Way Of Getting Us To Live In The Moment.

Searching for happiness in the wrong places.

We tend to equate inner happiness paradoxically with having to find it everywhere but where we are! Inner happiness, the search of which keeps us all in motion and makes businesses rub their mittens in glee.

How many products, that promised instant happiness, are languishing in cupboards the world over? Who hasn't got a waffle iron / ab-trainer / ice cream machine / slimming pills / window cleaning apparatus / onion slicer...never or only once used.

The net gets throw over all and only a few can escape from it. The net of unless you have and see this, you're not happy. Well, yesterday, I got a quick and easy lesson of what life should be about.

Wednesday sees me doing my solitary wait in hope of fellow walkers to join me. My job, you know! Anyway, it was seven and as seemingly nobody wanted to join me for a walk, I was about to set off on my own when out of the blue I heard an excited bark.

" Look Johnny, there is Birgit! "
I hadn't seen Johnny or his owner for months, yet there he was straining at his leash in order to greet me with the usual sniff and cuddling into my body. I have to tell you, that dogs have a way to weed out all the periphery of noise and stuff ( which we cling to like drowning rats ) with one head butt.

What more do we need really? Walking with Johnny and his owner for the next hour or so, was a nice way to relax and be in the moment. Being in the moment is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve, but walking through the forest, with a golden retriever nudging me every now and again, I was living in the moment...


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ich Bin Ein Burgenlaender.

Not everyone wants to be a Berliner!

By pure chance I found a new logo and a new bag. Well, not really as I gave the bag as a present. Trust Spar to come up with the goods and in this case, putting a name to a good feeling. Spar deserves a visit rather more often as they do push local produce to the fore, even though it tends to still be surrounded by mass produced stuff from far and yonder.

Ich bin ein Burgenländer
That logo on a tote bag, is great almost ingenious! The more I thought about it, the more I realized how good it is to be a Burgenländer, albeit still wet behind my ears. Only yesterday I had a chance to drive to different towns. A drive that was encased with the most spectacular landscape. Coupled with the blue sky, it was manna to my soul.

We don't have skyscrapers, mega cities, mega entertainment ( although, a Buschenschank can be entertaining ) or mega shopping, but we have that cozy feeling of being at peace, being comfortable and being home.

Our little bit of Burgenland has enough quietness to allow one to be in tune with one's soul, so to speak. Don't get me wrong, one can have all the modern time thieves that Tim Berners-Lee's invention allows us to use and we are a mere hop skip and jump away from Vienna ( another Austrian jewel ) but, there is also the solitude waiting to be made use of.

Being a Burgenländer is great, and from pure observation, I am not alone. Most youngsters go off to find careers in Vienna and beyond, yet most weekends they travel back home. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

As you know, Bob and I are Burgenland's #1 fans but it is nice to have a bag to remind us that others love it too.