Sunday, 1 December 2013

Titanic Relaunched: Will You Be Aboard?

Getting a chance to revisit history & time.

An Australian, Mr Palmer a billionaire of course, is rebuilding an exact replica of the Titanic. Well, not exact as it will have all the modern technology albeit hidden away. But what a novel idea.

This morning I saw an interview with him on CNBC Wealth. What a likable character. He jovially talked about how even the tickets sold will have the same tiers as they did over a 100 years ago. You know, 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class and possible 1 blind steerage! He cheekily told all and sundry, that he will book himself into 3rd Class as clearly there was the most fun to be had...according to him.

Imagine living an entire journey as one would have lived it a century ago. There is always this fascination for me, about even those simple treats such as mealtimes. In those days, it wasn't the mere Breakfast, Lunch & Supper grazing fields. Eh sorry, I meant buffet, it seems like there were dainty sub-meals almost on the hour and served to you!

As long as I can remember, I have been hankering after a real, perfect and proper English Tea! Agatha Christiedid such a sterling job in describing those occasions, even though they were only a setting to her murders. Gosh, but what a fitting background. On the Titanic, the English Tea will be superb. Loose tea leaves of the finest quality is only the start.

On board this voyage, Bridge will be the game of choice. Bob and I have yet to acquire and hone that skill. Can you not just imagine what a fabulous life it was back then. Yes, I know it was the most " classist " social structure. But if you read between the lines, in today's world we still have a "classist " society.

The lines are invisible but there nevertheless. Go to any function and as you meet new people, the subtle subtext of questions are posed or fired at you.
( Where did you go to school / What accent do you have / What section of town do you live in / Where do you work and who have you married )
Most of us would be lying if we said that we have never used these social-culling tactics!

The maiden voyage seems to be set for 2016, and lets face it, that is a mere smidgen away. Sailing from England to New York on the Titanic will be the hottest ticket in town or rather on the planet!
Will you be on it?