Friday, 13 December 2013

Did You Know, It Was Frank Sinatra's Birthday Yesterday!

Frank Sinatra, what an icon, what a STAR!

Oh of course I am biased. I love Frank Sinatra and his ballads. Fortunately, Radio Burgenland plays a lot of his songs and they were the one to remind me of his Birthday.

While the cat's away the mice will play...well, Bob's away and so I have free reign over what music to play. Bob will only suffer ( and not so silently either ) through long bouts of my music. What to do when your spouse is away? This very complex and highly difficult question only took me 1 second to answer!

For starters, the order of the day is to spoil oneself. Time for favourite meals or rather sandwiches for dinner, loads of chocolate, sole control of the remote and of course tuning into my favourite radio station.

Bob's visiting his family and getting a huge dose of tender family love & care. As I was mulling over the fact that I miss him dreadfully, a song by Frank filled the air. Ah, the feeling of hearing any song by Frank is indescribable. It is akin to someone reaching out and giving you a hug, making the world feel right again.

When his velvety voice fills the room, cares slip away. When you hear his songs you just want to drop everything you are doing and revel in his musical caress.

Many artists have sung cover versions of his music... Schatzi, even those bands that you love have tried... Who doesn't know the words to " My Way " .

My Dad is a huge Frank Sinatra fan and he was fortunate enough to go to a few live concerts. That is an experience I will not be able to share, but I thought I would put a YouTube link of Frank performing. If you watch until the last second, you'll get goosebumps! Best of the Best Best of the Best