Monday, 2 December 2013

Jack Frost And The 1st Of December.

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is just as beautiful as in the Southern one.

Oh yes, we were used to Decembers being incredibly hot and T-shirts being almost too warm. Leading up to the Christmas season in South Africa was normally spent cooling off next to the pool (if you had one ) or languishing on the couch in a darkened lounge. The heat was better avoided...

Yes, we all miss what we were used to at times, but why not embrace the new! Winter is the most beautiful and romantic season. The air is crisp and clear. We had our first cold & freezing ( -4 C ) morning yesterday and I thought I would share it with you:

Bob and I went for a walk yesterday morning. It couldn't have been nicer. Yes, it was cold but nevertheless, the scenery cloaked in a palette of winter colour, was stunning.
The Clouds of Mystery!
I love this hint of Grey...40 shades of grey perhaps?
Farmlands showing their winter beauty.
Nice, isn't it?
This photo was taken from a different angle with more sunlight in play. You can see the Eisenberg covered by rather ominous looking clouds.
A feast for the eyes! Who wouldn't want to go for a walk in this magical place. Hungary is just to the right of this path.
Bob stopped his walk just long enough to strike a pose...