Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Letter To Santa:Wish List, Shopping List Or An Outright Demand?

Poor Santa needs to work double-time!

Any children under the age of six tend to be extra good, no, almost angelic so close to Christmas. In fact, even the older ones tone down their behaviour appropriately so that their letter of demand might be met. Even if only halfway.

Their is an art form to writing these lists, with the most wished for item at the top and the rest in decreasing order of want. Yesterday I asked five children under the age of seven, what they have put on their wish list to Santa. Well, who knew that Draculaura had so many facets. Apparently you can get a Draculaura sleeping bag ( for the child that is ), Draculaura clothing and of course a lot of virtual paraphanalia for her. But that is a girl's wish.

From the boys came cries for robots, toy guns and an I-pad. When the others heard of the I-pad being on the list, they immediately adjusted their demands accordingly. Our village might have to be renamed- I-pad ville!

We were all sitting around a big table when I asked them about their wish list. It was rather entertaining for me to see the level of debate and bragging that was going on about the individual wishes. The air was crisp with excitement and anticipation, peppered with a few mini-arguments over who has what on their list!

The days until Father Christmas arrives are now counted in sleeps and I would be surprised if they actually sleep on the night before! Only tomorrow's start of the school holidays has managed to deflect their thoughts away from Christmas, but only for a little while...

After a few minutes of wish list discussion, one little girl put up her hand and said:
" Biggi, I need to say something very important."
" Yes, what is it? "
" I want to add to my list, that I want my parents to be happy & healthy!"

Wow, what a great kid....she deserves all her Draculaura items!