Saturday, 28 December 2013

Take Choices Out Of Your Life & Have One!

Whittle down your lifestyle to one of ease and enjoyment.

Choices are flung at us from left, right and center. From the minute we get up it starts. Shower or bath? Coffee or tea? Toast or cereal? Dress or pants? Before we are even out our front door, we have already made several choices.

Friends of ours are here on holiday and staying down the road ( 2.4 km to be precise ). One of their main goals from this holiday was a chance to de-stress, unwind and jolly well relax! Cunningly they opted out of a rental car. For any shopping trips, they tag along with us. Remember, we are in a small village with just a village shop / tea room. The nearest town is 25 kilometers away and normally we drive there once a week.

If our friends want to go anywhere, it is on foot or of course with us. To come over for a cup of coffee involves a 4,8 km march. They love it. You know, how often do we go somewhere on holiday and are so worried in case we don't see it all, that everything becomes a blur? Staying put in one place for a longer amount of time....almost revolutionary!

Watching my friends unwind has been wonderful. Their faces have lost the harried and pinched look. The only choice that gets flung at them in the morning is, who has to get up to make the first cup of coffee! Sleeping the whole day....not a problem. Walking the whole day...not a problem. Reading the whole day...not a problem.

We should take a few of those pesky choices out of our everyday life. Let's transform our daily life into one of ease & enjoyment:

  • Going to work every day, why not take public transport? No more wondering if taking this or that road will be a shortcut.
  • Leave your credit card at home. In fact put it away in a safe place. Use cash or debit card only. Going shopping will become a breeze...wondering if to get this rather than that for dinner is much easier if you only have a finite amount of money with you.
  • Only take your cell/smartphone along if absolutely necessary. Imagine not having to choose whether you will answer a call or sms...

We have all heard of or read the adage: Life is a journey and not destination. and yet we do tend to forget. Not seeing everything that is available in life is absolutely fine. Remember, when you go to a buffet banquet, you also don't eat everything that is laid out...