Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Week Of Marital Solitude Ends!

Hubby went to visit his in-laws.

It is rather liberating to rediscover the ability to do things on your own. Such as sorting out the oven, putting out the rubbish bin on time, driving yourself everywhere and not worrying about staying at home alone. Just so you know Schatzi, I am only doing these chores until you get home!!!

As liberating as it is, I missed Bob dreadfully but with the marvels of modern technology, I was kept abreast of his movements. Facebook suddenly became the local noticeboard that it was designed for. But still, folks forget that one needs to pause for a minute and take a big breath before writing anything on Facebook, as some comments can be a tad bit hurtful.

As you know, we live in paradise or a.k.a. Eisenberg, where there are no robots / traffic light in a 20 km radius. That alone should tell you that we ( I ) have not been in rush-hour traffic for eons. This from a gal that mastered Cape Town, Johannesburg and Manhattan traffic on her own...This little sojourn of Bob's has also improved my driving again. You know, Bob has been driving me everywhere!

Yesterday was the fourth time I drove into Oberwart, which to me seems like a relatively big town
( it has 2 traffic lights and 8000 inhabitants ). Gosh, I was getting into the swing of things big time and parallel parking was even part of it. Oh yes, I am honest enough to own up that parallel parking is not one of my strong points. The gap needs to be ample before I even consider it!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I drove into Oberwart to pick up Bob. He was already at the bus station when I drove past, frantically trying to find a parking spot ( in between blowing air-kisses out the window ) as it was rush hour. Eventually I found one 100 meters down the road and parked the car in a parallel fashion. It only took me two lots of forward & backward manoeuvres.

I saw Bob running towards me, wheeling his suitcase behind him. Suddenly we could have done a scene in a rom - com with aplomb. Almost in slow motion, we ran towards each other, my hair blowing in the wind, Bob's beanie bobbing on top his head, and hugged for dear life, with a few kisses in between. Thankfully it was dark already as otherwise the passing motorists might have had a giggle, fender-bender or an " Ah, how cute " moment.

As a wife, it can be a bit daunting when the husband goes off to his family sans wive. One never really knows what goes on there.
A husband could run the gambit of... " Does she feed you enough? " to " Are you really happy ? " via " Why don't you do this that and the other ".

Welcome home Schatzi.