Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Do You Use A Filter Coffee Or A Coffee-Capsule Machine?

Which do you find easier to use?

The capsule-coffee-craze is everywhere. In fact it's easier to buy coffee capsules than ordinary filter coffee! Do you think it is one of those crowd phases, such as the slinky / aerobics / legwarmers / Rubik's cube and spending beyond our means?

We women love to get together over a cup of coffee. Is there anything nicer than this? Sitting at a table, discussing the most important news ( naturally about people we know ) and imbibing in a cup of coffee and highly decadent cake " Oh no, I shouldn't eat this...Oh alright, I can start my diet tomorrow ". A highlight of any social circle.

The maddening trend of owning a capsule-coffee maker has more or less extinguished any old fashioned Filter Coffee Machine ( The Percolator ). Only the older crowd and I still swear by it. Amazingly enough, it is much more pleasing on the household budget. Consider that a decent coffee capsule is at least 30-50 cents. One capsule per cup. ( Filter coffee costs about 5 Euros per 500 g and makes about 40 cups )

But now to the drawback of a capsule coffee machine: If you live by yourself, it is great and no problem. But, if you have to make 3-5 cups of coffee at the same time, you'll twist yourself into a pretzel to achieve it. It is just not possible. A strict rule of 1 cup at a time applies.

Usually the hostess makes the cups of coffee one at a time. You can hear it, as this machine makes the relevant noises. A sort of swoosh . Five cups take about 10 minutes. When you get given your cup, it is a coffee roulette of sorts. ( hot or not )

Old-fashioned Percolators take 2 minutes to fill with the relevant ingredients and that gives any hostess a chance to also sit at the table from the start...not missing out on those interesting tidbits of local news. Once the coffee is ready she can just pour everyone a cup. Time and money saved!

Which coffee device do you use at home?

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