Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions: Please Don't Sabotage Other People's Attempt!

The one day of the year, that every one tries.

Any vice or addiction is darn difficult to give up. Quite frankly, sometimes it is more prudent to keep it to yourself because ' well-meaning ' friends and family will try and dissuade you!

Let's just take one of the main resolutions out there: Smoking. Today is that day for a lot of people. But there are many more who won't stop today. You'll find them smirking into their glass while mumbling,

" Oh, he'll never make it. I tried and failed, so why should he make it? ".

They say that smoking is one of the hardest addictions to give up. Well done to anyone who goes and breaks the habit. But it is far from easy. It would be easy if we all lived in a cave or bubble. Why, you might ask?

Well, if there is one thing a smoker dislikes more than anything else, it is the one that gets away. The one that has the guts to break the habit. The one who, who unlike them, has what it takes....A smoker doesn't want to be paddling alone in a canoe heading for the fall. Oh no, they will be more than happy to undo any resolutions of their friends.

How many times have the almost non-smokers been led astray by their friends tempting them:

" Are you sure you don't want a cigarette? You know, just one won't be a problem! ". " Look, these are very light cigarettes, they hardly will make a difference. "
" Have one, he /she won't know! "

As smoking is an addiction of momentous proportions, in the process of kicking that habit, the new non-smoker will often beg their friends for just a puff. Don't do it, friends. You know that an addict will say anything to have a puff.

Here is the thing. When any of your friends or family stop the habit, or are on the path of doing it, be a true friend for a change and support them. However you try and justify it, it is not a nice deed at all if you give a nearly non-smoker a cigarette. What is that saying...' with friends like you, who needs enemies? '

Here is a cheer for all of your resolutions and I know that you are succeeding in them!


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