Friday, 27 December 2013

Car Keys: How Often Do You Look For Them?

The daily game of Hide & Seek.

Why do we always imagine that being forgetful is the sole property of the old or elderly? Rather a cheek from us, because let's face it, we can be just as forgetful! By we, I mean the 30 - 50 something lot.

In case you are snickering and denying it, what about your car keys or cell phone? Mind you, since the smartphone revolution, it doesn't get lost as much...because it is either glued to our hands or sutured into our pockets. But car keys tend to get lost on a daily basis.

Off the top of my head, I can recall many occasions where panic, raised voices and blame gets flung around while we have searched for those car keys. At least I tend to mostly lose them in the same places: pockets, kitchen table or window sill. Knowing my tendency for misplacing keys etc, I make it a habit to put the keys in the same place as soon as I get in. In theory at least!

The other night, I was the designated driver ( eh, when am I not? ) and managed to get my herd together. Not a mean feat, because I know how nice another glass tastes when you have had too many already. Plus it was at our house. Anyway, they were as good as lambs and went to put on their coats and shoes ( for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, remember shoes are muddy and you have to clean floors yourself ).

In fact they were already climbing into the chariot ( we don't lock cars here, no need to ) and hollering for their chauffeur. Of course, I had misplaced the car keys. Even worse, I was the last one using them, which Bob gleefully pointed out. After searching my usual ' hiding places ' they still were missing. I had fetched our friends earlier and remembered that I had shown them our earth cellar.

As the name states, our earth cellar is a dark place and we have no lights in there. The men were braver than normal and thought nothing of going into a dark and dingy cellar. Even in daylight it takes a few ounces of courage to enter it, as apart from being dark and musty it has plenty of spider webs dangling vicariously from the ceiling.

As I am a good wife and friend, I managed to find the keys just in time to save them from being attacked by spiderwebs and more...

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