Wednesday, 11 December 2013

We All Know What We Should Do, But Why Don't We?

Greatness shows in the daily little details!

Someone asked me yesterday why I haven't written about Nelson Mandela or as he is affectionately called, Madiba. His greatness was a presence or Aura that was " just there " and how could one write or do more about it. Madiba was a being that didn't need any explanation because his essence was apparent to everyone.

The whole world celebrated his life yesterday. Yet, I think to honour him and his life, we ( oh yes, me as well ) need to do good deeds and say nice words on a daily basis. It is easy to be pious at funerals, but what about walking in Madiba's footsteps even when navigating the little and seemingly unimportant stuff?

  • Yesterday most of us were kind to someone less fortunate than us. But what about today and next week?
  • We all carry grudges. Let's drop them because to be honest, if you carry a grudge against someone else, sadly, only you know about it. Grudges become our secret stash of negativity. And Good Lord, it gets heavier by the day!
  • If you can help a family member or friend in need, do you do it? Or do you find an excuse and mumble that it is their own fault? Remember, we are all one and the same...
  • Yesterday, we all would have forgiven even our worst enemy. But once the euphoria of Madiba has died down, are we still on board the vessel of goodness that he showed us how to sail?
  • Are we all so important, that any word / transgression or perceived insult is gift to be treasured forever constantly festering more and more in our mind? Oh yes, now I have your attention!

If Madiba had been catholic, he might be considered for sainthood. What makes a saint? Isn't it someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who likes you despite your shortcomings? If all of us sprinkled a little Madiba Magic Dust on our mundane yet real lives, maybe the world would not be in the state it is in at the moment.

What we do to others, we are doing to ourselves. Remember, you might ' have it all ' right now but there might come a time when life is not all roses for you. This is the time, that you can only hope that your family, friends or even strangers are there for you...that you reap what you sowed!