Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Naughties & Beyond...

Dancing into the new Millennium.

Granted, I was naughty to misspell the heading. It should have been noughties ( 00's ) but to be honest, describing it as the ' naughties ' might not be so far off. More than anything to do with dance style, the dress code more or less revealed your age. ( See yesterday's blog about my take on dancing from the 1950's to 2000 )

The Naughties, 00's

  • This was the decade in which the G-string went main stream!
    ( Remember, in the past, the only shops that would carry G-strings had covered up shop windows and entrances. ) Oh yes, wherever you looked, there it was on public display. Talk about V.P.L...
  • I don't quite know which was invented first: the G-string or the hipster? Think about it, if you didn't wear hipsters, no one would catch a glimpse of your G-string!
  • Men also had a fashion ' date-ment ' of sorts. Wearing loose pants without a belt? Gosh, what were you thinking at the time and I have to say, " Thank you " , that you wore proper undies ( a la Beckham style ) and not G-strings!
  • Men who were young the first time around in the 00's, knew not to make any vigorous moves on the dance floor and to own good underpants.
  • Sadly, men who were young the second time around, didn't quite realize the concept of gravity! Let's just say, a lot of faded undies were on show with that lot. They bought the hipsters ( shouldn't it be called the bumsters? ) but didn't see the point of spending an extra Buck / Rand / Euro for the perfect underwear...You see, right away you knew they were in their 30's or beyond!

The 'tweens' or '10's:

  • Thank Goodness for ' Dancing with The Stars '! Even though it aired already in the 00's, it has slowly caught on as being the new standard. Decorum, grace and style have returned.
  • The Shops have started to carry more normal ( ' Mummy pants ' ) undies rather than the bits of cloth that were so popular only a few years ago.
  • Style and grace on the dance floor made a come-back. Clothing covered the right bits and gave off an air of mystique.
  • Whereas in the 00's, owning and flaunting a G-string was the height of cool and being trendy on and off the dance floor, the wheel has turned. Now in the ' tweens ', wearing and flaunting a G-string is akin to having a date-stamp on your behind...