Sunday, 15 December 2013

One Of The Best Austrian Red Wines Of 2014 Is Produced In Our Village.

Kopfensteiner Weingut is producing the most amazing world class quality wine(s).

As you know, I have a habit of bragging about living in the midst of a wine producing area. My daily walk takes me right through the various vineyards. Of course I knew it was heavenly just by looking at it...

But why take my word for it, when Gault&Millau Austria 2014 are doing it for me! Oh yes, Thomas Kopfensteiner has been lifted to that rare club of vintners / winemakers. Those special winemakers whose wine has all the right notes, tastes heavenly and is unforgettable. A wine that you can't wait to take the next sip of or tell your friends about it!
His " Blaufränkisch Szapary 2011 " does this.

We were lucky to get a tasting of his wines at the local " Weinkost " in September this year. Our friends from London flew in specially for the weekend of the wine tasting. No one had an inkling of what a priceless jewel was in the mix. Well now I can tell them that they were also tasting one of the Best Red Austrian Wines of 2014!

In fact, all you Oenophiles, wine aficionados, connoisseurs and sommeliers...mark next years event in your calender.( Link to our Deutsch-Schuetzen Gemeinde website) Most of our local wine producers exhibit their wines, and you might be surprised with more world class winemaker apart from Thomas Kopfensteiner. Not to make you jealous, but we can just walk down the road to his wine cellar and purchase a bottle or ten!

The simple life in Burgenland: Great people, breathtaking nature and world class wine.... I love it!