Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Being Welcomed By A Bevy Of Cats.

Animals instantly uplift your mood.

As you know, I have been selected as a Cat-sitter. Last week I just went once to get the brief on what to do & who to feed where. The modern day cat does not rely on mice any more. ( Our bundle of joy, Tigger, has forgotten what a mouse might look like. No need for her! ).

Yesterday morning I took the drive to feed this bevy of beauties. The whole route there was blanketed by a thick fog that funnily enough only lifted as I got to my destination. As I parked the car, I glanced up and saw the welcoming committee.

Gosh, they really didn't know me from a bar of soap but they were so so excited to see me. The three wise cats indeed. As they saw me get out the car and approach the gate, the quiver of excitement that shot through them was palpable.
Their look-out was stationed at the bottom of the driveway, and she made sure to get me to the house with a miaow here and a miaow there to guide me or rather hurry me along.
It felt so good to be welcomed like this. Trusting this stranger...when they started purring and doing a close figure of 8 around my ankles, I was enslaved! Right then and there I decided to give them an extra tin of food...Their diet was out of the window.
They made sure to block any escape route for me. No, they wanted their dinner.
This was the lady who only likes to eat inside the kitchen, as she is a bit scared of the other lot. She came inside with me, but for some reason played coy for a long time, only eating a mouthful before doing the cleaning routine. Obviously she missed her " Mum ".
You can see, that the troops were happy. In fact, when I emptied each can, they one by one had to put their noses in it...literally.
As they were purring and making ' so glad to see you ' noises, I played along.
Even this beautiful cat who normally eats inside, started to eat. It was so cute to watch her. In a ladylike manner she used her paw to move the food to her mouth.
Paw to mouth and not mouth to paw.
Going home, I had the goodbye committee with the third member following me down the driveway...

When you are around pets, problems are soon left behind. What a privilege to feed this bevy of beauties.