Monday, 30 December 2013

Burgenland: Winter Our Way...

Are there any normal climates left in the world?

We have just had two extremely cold and snowy winters, our first by the way and somehow we expected more of the same. But even now, in the dying days of 2013, we have not had snow and only one cold spell. A few days of minus 3-5 degrees.

It has been murmured that Burgenland is the land of sunshine, with at more or less 300 days of sunshine per year. Look, one can have a cold day, but with sunshine it makes it more enjoyable. Cold and dreary do not go with Burgenland.

This was taken a week ago and on a Sunday morning ( Bob tries to only accompany me on a Sunday...). Weather wise, that more or less was the worst of it. The wind was blowing up a storm. This country lane is unprotected by land, and when the wind howls, you can either be pushed along or try your hardest to stay upright as you push along. Once or twice in the past few years, the wind has almost pushed me over in its might.
Beautiful and sunny, isn't it? Green fields and blue skies almost defies the season of Winter.
On yesterday's walk, the weather was a tad more overcast yet it didn't destract from the nice & calming scenery.
You can see the church spire of Deutsch-Schützen to the left, and the little chapel to the right.
Even in foggy weather, the church is noticeable and not to be missed.
Sunset near Kulm. We went with our friends to have a bite to eat at this Buschenschank in Kulm. We had a great time and it was cemented in our memory with this stunning sunset.
Sunrise from our front gate, yesterday morning. A bit crisp but well worth it. Beautiful Burgenland indeed.