Sunday, 22 December 2013

Blending In At The Mall.

Black, Brown & Grey...what gives?

We took friends to the mall yesterday. Questionable choice of days, because going to a mall on the last Saturday before Christmas is akin to running a very dicey obstacle course. No, we didn't have to crawl on our tummies under barbed wire, but it felt like it at times.

Bob took one look at the full parking lot and let out an unrepeatable expletive. As we got to the entrance of the parking lot, I said:

" Bob, please don't try to find parking at the front door. Just take the first gap you see."
For some reason, men would rather circle the lot ten times instead of taking what is available and possibly walking 100 meters! In fact they are like motorized pugilists daring any other circling drivers to take their spot. Oh, your man does this too?...

Parked and ready for action, we set off into the sea of people. Walking straight ahead without dodging to the left or right to avoid an oblivious shopper, was impossible. At least it gave us a bit of exercise. Everyone looked alike in their black, grey or brown coloured clothes ( mine too ) and it created this blending affect of the masses. Hard to differentiate among the lot. Bob now and again mumbled:

" Did you see & greet so and so? "
" No, where was she? "
" Right in front of you."

In winter, our bulky & warm jackets are a hindrance of note. Yes, outside it is freezing yet inside the mall and stores it is almost 25 degrees. If you take off your jacket every time, it gets tedious and little bit dangerous too. Manoeuvring the small cramped isle with a bulky something at your side, can dislodge a few breakables.

The malls are very clever in their layout. Once you are inside, good luck trying to escape quickly and without spending loads of money. Even now, they had rather a lot of ' less 50% ' items. You can bet your bottom dollar that they are still making a profit. Being strong willed and resolute makes it easier to forgo all those temptations. Of course it is helped along vastly if you just take cash and not too much of it!

Next year I am going to wear either white, beige or yellow. No more blending in for me...