Tuesday, 3 December 2013

That Lousy Nit Causes Mayhem!

So small yet so irritating and hated.

On the whole, Mums are pretty fearless until you mention that mighty foe called ' louse '. Almost all kids pick it up at some time or another in their school careers.

Yesterday, I heard two mums exchanging info regarding a letter sent to them by the teacher. It had the hallmarks of some sort of medical thing. Seeing that we were having an English class with some of their kids, I felt entitled to ask what it was. I couldn't believe it when they mentioned a lousy louse attack at school. Really, in the colds of winter?

It goes without saying that I instantly scratched my head like the proverbial monkey. It was itchy! Bob, when I told him, moved slightly off side from the table. Lucky for him, he is always wearing that Beanie ( fashion statement or for the cold? ) and might be safe from the lousy louse attack...

Some of you might know, that I worked in a Hair Salon for ages. I manned the desk, which incidentally is the first port of call for freaked out mothers.
" You have got to help me. This child of mine has nits and lice. The school sent her home and told me to sort it out. Do something please! "....If only they had realized that those few sentences sent our Salon into an automatic lock - down of sorts ( along with a good dose of fear ).

Lice and nits should enter the Olympics as they can jump incredible distances. They also hang on for dear life on just about any surface: Hair, scalp, comb, towel, chair, clothes....you get the idea. One universal problem is that they are so small and hard to notice.

Sometimes, mothers tried to sneak their children in hoping that we

      A: would get rid of the lice and
      B: wouldn't notice.....which would have made us a real lousy Salon!
But oh boy, I used to dread having a panicked Hairstylist rush to the desk and whisper in furious tones along with turbulent hand gestures that their client had a nest of lice & nits! All the staff were told just the one word - Lice - and like a well trained unit we would go to work, hopefully without causing too much panic...

Unobtrusively yet with precision we would backtrack the journey of the child through the Salon and disinfect everything he / she had come into contact with. Often we had to sent he / she home with half a haircut. Quite a few mums were cross and horribly upset that we hadn't sorted it out. But if you have an unwanted presence of lice in your Salon, you have to close your business for a few days in order to sort it out...

Today, I think Bob and I will sport a partner look. There are some beanies and scarves that might hide my hair totally. This might upset the mums, but trying to de-louse oneself is not much fun and jolly hard work!

I remember that we were told at the Hair-Seminars, that you can get a Shampoo, that usually repels lice. A sort of pre-strike! I'll post a link of good ones at the bottom.

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