Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Free Cruise Ticket: Who Would You Take & What Would You Pack?

Imagine, a free pleasure cruise to somewhere or nowhere.

Well, you are more than likely mumbling about this being impossible or as one would say, pie-in-the-sky. Yet, one never knows about life. Remember that wisdom: " You think it, you ink it "

Bob and I were watching a program on life aboard a cruise ship. Oh believe me, we both would love to go. After seeing this documentary on cruising, here is our list of how we would advance the prospect of a cruise ( free or otherwise ):

  1. We both agreed to take a pair of stretch pants. When you see those buffets, all thoughts of fashion or being seen as trendy are out the window...
  2. We both would sample the Margarita buffet throughout the day. What is it about those cocktails that make them look like a slush-puppy?
  3. Running shoes are a must, because I would get up at the crack of dawn to circumvent the promenade a few hundred times. Even stretch pants won't be enough with all those free meals.
  4. Bob definitely wouldn't be seen dead in the Disco. When he saw the John Travolta like moves shown in the documentary, he paled at the thought. Gosh Bob, no one would know you there and I have seen you ' Bob ' along to Abba and sing along ( word perfect ) to ' Staying Alive '....
  5. After a decadent and rather ample Breakfast ( pancakes, English breakfast, toast & jam, waffles & ice cream along with lots of Darjeeling Tea ), I would waddle to a shady deckchair and recline with my favourite Murder Mystery. Bob and I would part ways there, because he would plonk himself down on a lilo in the swimming pool. Fair enough.
  6. An outing to the onboard Spa would be done on a daily basis for sure. A massage along with pampering is part of this ideal of cruising.

Oh there are so many great aspects to sailing on the Seven Seas and into the sunset. Yes, it can be thought of as cheesy but it hits all the buttons of a holiday away from your reality.

Tell me, how would you spend your time aboard a cruise liner?

Biggi Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea

Just in case, here is a link to the Cruise International website that also offers competitions of winning a cruise.