Thursday, 12 December 2013

Do You Also Catch Yourself Sounding Like His Mother?

We are not their mother!

Visiting a friend yesterday, she mentioned that my statement of " We are not their mother, but their wife " has been playing on her mind and that she had made a conscious effort not to fall into this mindset. Well, her husband was sitting right there when she said it, and he roared in protest! Oh yes, once we stop to mother our husbands, the cushy lifestyle is over....

Before I met Bob, I had read this ' relationship advice ' and for a few years at least, I stuck to it like glue...superglue! But as is the case with glue, it stops to adhere and the same happened with me. Before I knew it, I had uttered these idiotic sentences:

  • Don't walk with your muddy shoes in the house.
  • Pick up your dirty socks/ undies / pants...
  • Please switch off the light when you leave a room.
  • Don't forget your lunchbox.
  • Do you want me to come with you to the doctor / dentist / ...
  • Did you thank so & so for such & such?
  • Don't forget to phone .....for his / her Birthday.
  • Did you brush your hair today?
  • If you use the last bit of toilet paper, can you please put a new roll out!

Oh my goodness, even re-reading this list, makes me break out in cold sweat. It's official, I sound like his mother. What ever happened to my laissez-faire attitude?

Tell me, do you also do the ' mothering-bit ' and do you think our men would survive if we go cold-turkey on the mothering?

Or, here is a thought: Maybe I read the wrong advice and mothering is the way to go!