Sunday, 29 December 2013

Downton Abbey, We're Fashionably Late To The Party!

Rather late than never.

You know, they should put a warning label across the cover of the DVD:
" Open and watch at your own risk. This movie could make you forsake all other genres...for a little while at least. "

Throughout the year I have seen different people rave on social media about Downton Abbey. Even my family on two continents were telling me how wonderful this series is. Somehow it didn't register and to be fair, we didn't have a chance to watch it. Well, a Christmas gift has enslaved me to this series.

At first, Bob wasn't overly enthusiastic about watching this series. In fact he only meant to watch the first few minutes with me and sat down on the couch. After the first five minutes, even a mouse running across the floor wouldn't have registered with either Bob or I. Luckily no - one phoned, as we would probably have ignored it. When the credits rolled on the first episode, I could see that Bob was also addicted. Jokingly, I pretended to switch off the TV and gosh, you should have heard the protests from Bob...

From the first scene, we were entranced and pulled into this marvelous and oh so exciting story. The various characters, as they were introduced, shone in even the tiniest of scenes. Each character is woven into the story and taking any one of them out, would unravel the whole. Bob and I couldn't wait to see them reveal more facets of their onscreen persona. Hook line and sinker. In fact, we watched it on the 26th of December at 2 pm and only took a break ( food, lavatory etc ) at 8 pm.

Of course, it is fiction and acted, but for some reason, you become part of the life. Early on, you pick your favorites. ' Mr. Bates ' for me and ' Anna ' for Bob. When did you last talk to a character? You know, when did you last talk to the little black box in your living room? Believe me, I was giving advice to Mr Bates. I cried a few times and had a warm feeling around the heart at other times. Downton Abbey Seasons 1, 2 & 3 Deluxe Limited Edition (Amazon Exclusive Season 4 Bonus Features)

Downton Abbey is a smorgasbord of everything needed to make a fabulous, authentic and addictive series. Bob's parents gave us the series as a gift and when we Skyped them at 8 pm to thank them, his Mom said: " Just watch one episode at a time. Maybe every Sunday? "...Well, that horse has left, no actually galloped out the barn for good!

Biggi Abbey - Staffel eins [3 DVDs]