Saturday, 30 November 2013

Give Arguably The Best Present In The World!

Give your undivided attention and see your kids eyes light up...

You work hard and long hours? You work those hours to also give your kids all the STUFF that they ( and you ) think they need. Chances are, that your kids have a cellphone. Cellphones are a okay. But do they need a smart phone?

If your kids are young enough to still have and get toys, I bet you anything, that they have so many toys, that even they ( your lucky offspring ) are not sure what they have. Cupboards, chests, drawers and heck, even the floor are more than likely littered with toys.

Do you think that your kids have enough time to even use all of this stuff? You know, in between school, kindergarten, extramural activities and homework and TV and Smartphone and....!

So, it is that time of the year again and you are surely planning your shopping sessions. The list of what you'll get for your kids is long and rather expensive, am I right?

Well, there is one thing that you can give your children, that they will adore, love, treasure and remember their whole life. ( F.Y.I.: Surely you aren't imagining that they will remember the oodles of toys you have given them, once they are in their 40's? )

When did you last give your children your undivided attention. Your Time. Your time without any distractions of computers, smartphones or TV? Just pure and simple: Time...T.I.M.E.?

I dare you to print ( for free ) from your computer a set of Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers that give increments of your undivided attention. You know, maybe a set of 10. Ten vouchers of 30 minutes each. Doesn't sound like a lot, but let me tell you, for the receiver it is pure gold. The mother load. The treasure. The nirvana of family life...

Make those vouchers as professional as possible. Stipulate conditions, that you can't break:

  • Exact time must be kept. 30 minutes is 30 minutes. A signature and cross through, once the voucher is used up.
  • The voucher can be redeemed at any reasonable time. Stipulate that toilet breaks, and sleep-times are off limits!
  • The voucher takes precedent over trivial things, such as you lounging in front of the telly.
  • The time of the voucher can be spent in any way the child wants. If they expect you to play dolls / Uno / G.I.JOe / drawing / drinking tea from a dollhouse / reading a story or just listening with undivided be it.
  • You are not allowed to correct their way of playing etc. It's their way, not your way...
  • During the time of the voucher, no one is allowed to answer their cellphone. Obviously if it is an emergency, then it is fine.

When you give your gift of vouchers, make sure that your kids know what they represent. Go over the conditions a few times. It will make your kids feel grown up.

As parents, you give your kids so much, in fact you want to give them the world, but in the process you forget the most important thing of all. Your kids need you to spend time with them. Real time, time without the usual and modern distractions. Try it, and let me know...

P/S: Of course you can still buy a few items of the Christmas wish list, but maybe not as many?