Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Please Don't Wait For Retirement To Enjoy Your Life!

Best laid plans and all that...

About 12 years ago someone told me the story of his parents. Thankfully I was there to hear it, because it did alter the setting of my life compass to a certain degree.

Here it goes: Both of his parents worked. Worked very hard in fact. From the start of their life together, they decided to save and save only for their retirement. That was the oasis in the desert of their daily grind. I am fairly certain, that they uttered things like; " Oh, we won't do that now. Let's do it when we retire."

Like any good and solid citizen, they invested in the usual instruments of retirement. For all I know, they were the delight of their insurance agent. Going out for dinner to a restaurant was out of the question, as that was a treat held for that far off land of retirement. Same with holiday trips and new clothes. " We can't waste now."

After the usual length of time ( and maybe it was a self inflicted prison of sorts ) they were ready to leave the waters and put their toes onto that island of retirement. Well, as you might expect, Lo and Behold...

They chose the wrong country to do their ' time ' in. Of all the place in the world, they had to do their frugality of life in Zimbabwe. Yes, Zimbabwe. As you can guess already, their much longed for pension, was taken in one foul swoop by something so unexpected. Unexpected when they started on their journey. They encountered Inflation. In fact, Hyperinflation.

Their savings and pension was there, but it was worthless. In fact, they struggled to put enough food on their table.

Here is my point. They should and could have enjoyed life while they were living and experiencing it. A dinner here and a small holiday there. Don't get me wrong. It is important to save for your retirement, but it is also important to not neglect life along the way.

Don't deny yourself the little pleasures that make life special. Maybe meeting a friend for a cappuccino or buying yourself a book to read or even going out for dinner with your loved one....