Monday, 18 November 2013

Mother Nature: " I'll stop when you do! "

Who will stop first?

Even the most ardent opponents to Global Warming have had inklings that they might be wrong and yes, it is real. It might be the simple fact that they are growing older and have realized that...having a lot of money means nothing when Mother Nature flicks her tail!

How much more do we have to see, feel and hear about before we all make an effort to reverse the Global Warming triggers. There are so many people who already do their bit to halt & reverse Global Warming. But we need to all do it.

  • Yes, it might cost us more money.
  • Yes, it might mean a bit more work for us.
  • Yes, it might mean not having everything and anything at the drop of a hat.

But, who even has to think about it, when it means that:

  • We don't have to worry about excessive natural disasters.
  • We know that even when our kids grow up, they will have a safe environment in which to live.
  • We know that there is enough untainted food and water for all of us, all of the time.

Sadly in today's times, the countries that adopt Green Environmental Laws, seem to be rewarded with production going to non-regulated countries...Let's level the playing field and get all countries to adopt and adhere to the same Green Environmental Laws.

In the last few decades, most of us have noticed a change in climate, and not for the better. What will the next few decades bring, if we do nothing now?

Let Global Warming be a Global Warning to all of us.