Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ladies, How Do You Watch Soccer On TV?

As opposed to our men...?

Last night's Germany versus England 2013 match was really only discovered by chance.
Thankfully I took the trouble of glancing at the TV times and as luck would have it, it was shown on ARD ( the first column on the page ). Of course all those other rather good programs were dismissed. By the way, nice job of trying to tempt us away from the soccer. Almost but not quite!

Having just returned from the weekly gym class, I was rather more alert and awake than usual. A kick off at 21.00 hours is more often suited for the younger lot. At such a late hour, the rest of us are more than likely engaging in a bout of TV sleep. Some say it is the best type? How do men, who also add a few beers into the mix, keep awake?

Straight off, Bob and I established that we were both routing for the same team-Germany and made outlandish predictions. My 5-2 prediction ( eh, not reached ) was partly fueled by catching sight of my favourite Soccer-TV-commentator...the divine Mehemt Scholl. A very nice guy who is rather dishy in addition. Gosh, why did I not watch Bayern Munich when he still played?

Once the game got underway, it kind of resembled air-soccer for a while with lots of high kicking legs to be seen! Not so nice to watch for the simple reason that it is extremely difficult to keep track of who has the ball etc. Maybe that induced me to recline more on the sofa bed and take off my glasses. Oh, I still watched sporadically...

All that air-soccer aided me into my first sleep cycle. Every time there was a big cheer ( or a loud snore from Bob ) I woke up. Luckily I managed to witness the important and only goal. Bob, sadly did not. When I nudged him awake for the 2nd half, he had the cheek to question whether I had really seen the goal. Do you know how sneaky he is? His " So, who scored the goal? " , had me wrong footed...

The second half was interspersed with seeing colourful soccer boots and colourful goalies. As a person who needs glasses ( the only time I had 20 / 20 vision with them was the day I got them, smudge-free ) it is awfully confusing that firstly, the German team wore a green usually seen on the Irish, and secondly, that both goalies chose to wear bright orange uniforms. I mean, really, how am I meant to know who is who?

If it wasn't for that helpful ticker tape on the top left of our TV screen keeping score, the goalies uniform might have confused me... All those men snickering right now, just remember that I am a new re-convert to watching soccer.

Watching an entire match, yet not seeing the whole match is alright for me. The cheering of the crowd and Bob's snores / cheers / boo's were ample enough to help me witness the most important parts of the match. Oh yes, even watching it my way, I love watching it.