Sunday, 24 November 2013

Looking Back To Our 1st Year In Burgenland.

The first six months of hard labour.

Going through our photos from the start of our adventure, makes me realize that actually Bob and I did jolly well. Bear in mind that we were complete and utter novices. Even family, when seeing our house 'before', told us how stupid a move it was...Well, that was their opinion!

Bob and I also couldn't have done all this without the help of my Mum & Albert. They gave us physical, practical and emotional help. Thank you!

Our lounge. In each room we had to remove old vinyl floor cover, rotten wood and dig down 60cm. Oh yes, with a shovel and a pick.
Each shovel of dirt had to be ergonomically swung into the wheelbarrow and this had to be wheeled outside and emptied on the growing pile of dirt. Bob and I took turns.
We put a 2nd bathroom in the back ' store ' room. It is so narrow that you can not even swing a cat yet alone pivot a shovel. That was the most vexing room of all.
My one and only time as a Stripper...of doors! When we realized that we needed new door frames, we discarded that project. Thankfully!
Our kitchen. Bob is surely wondering what the .... he is doing this for?
Our yard. Eventually we ran out of space for all the dug up earth.
Our main bathroom had to have the tiles taken off. That took us a week. Btw: It is only because I am the taker of photos, that you never see me at work. But I did!
We stripped all the old plaster with a chisel and hammer mostly. For months afterwards we both woke up and couldn't flex our hand for at least an hour.
In between we took a break at one of the local Eateries. Our house would be in the top right hand corner of the picture.
Just about every weekend from July - December we had to be on site at 7 am-5 pm, mixing never ending amounts of concrete. 3 buckets of water, 21 shovels of sand, and 7 shovels of cement...
You might wonder what the big deal is about mixing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of cement. As you can see, apart from mixing it, it had to be wheeled through difficult places. Each wheelbarrow felt like it weighed a ton. Bob really is my hero. Let me tell you, he never in his life had so many muscles!
Bob is chuffed. Floor cemented and walls plastered. For us it was like reaching the summit of Everest.
We were thrilled to see the back of the pile of dirt. Don't forget that each shovel was dug out by hand.
We see the end on the horizon.
Two years later, this past July. We are happy so far, even though there is much more to be done. All in good time and when the money is available.

Here are a few links to older blog entries, where there are a few ' after pictures '. ( Today's blog does have a few repeat photos and I am sorry about that. Some of you might not have seen them. )

Loo with a view. How our main bathroom turned out.
Two years in Burgenland part 2. Again, some of the same photos are repeated, but it shows off some of the finished rooms.