Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mum's Taxi: Could There Be Anything More Embarrassing For A Teenager?

Can you still remember your moments in it?

If you were to take the time and sit across the entrance of any high school, you would see the most amazing sights. At first glance it looks like a bunch of crazy ladies driving at snails pace and seemingly talking to themselves!

Teenagers, who need at least 5 reminders to get up in the morning, and another few dozen to get going at more than their usual slow motion speed, suddenly become professional divers.

Appearing to doze away in the backseat of Mum's taxi while listening to their rebellious music on their Ipod / Iphone...they move at lightning speed once their Mum is on the homestretch, ( you know, the front entrance of their school ) performing the obligatory dive in the backseat to become invisible. They needn't have bothered because lets face it, who would see them apart from other Mums!

If we could listen in, we would hear the furious whispers from the backseat:

  • " Oh my God Mum, please don't stop here! "
  • " Mum, I told you to park around the corner."
  • " Oh Mum, you are so embarrassing. Please don't do this to me."
  • " I'll never speak to you again, if you do this to me! "

At what age do these little angels, in whose eyes you could do no wrong, start to utter this teenage anthem of: " Oh Mum, please don't, you are so embarrassing " ? Talking to a few Mums yesterday, the age tends to vary. Some kids already start with the kindergarten run...

When you live in a small place, you sort of know which teeny belongs to which mother. The other day, we saw a Mum with her two boys, shopping at the supermarket. True to their teenage code of conduct, they never once walked next to her. Oh, they kept a safe enough distance behind her. It kind of looked like mother goose and her ducklings walking in a row.

Every now and then she would toss a question at them, honing in on them with laser sharp precision. Oh, it was too comical to watch the poor ducklings. Blushing from head to toe, they didn't know whether to publicly agree to a box of chocolate Coco Puffs!

If you have any memories of embarrassing school runs, please let me know. Or if you are a Mum, going through this at the moment...