Thursday, 28 November 2013

Men & Knitting: More Should Knit As It Helps Them Unwind!

Bob takes up knitting again.

About five years ago, Bob tried his hands at knitting. At the time I was immersed in yet another bout of a knitting craze ( they are like the tides...ebb and flow ...). While one knits, it is impossible not to emit happiness. Almost like some beacon or Lighthouse. Yes, knitting is one of those much sought after states: The in-the-moment state. Bob asked me whether I thought he could give it a go.

After a day of teaching ( along with throwing and cursing ) he got the hang of it and there was no stopping him. He did plain squares more for relaxing and de-stressing than for anything specific. He paged through my knitting magazines and saw that many squares could actually make a blanket. He formed a plan. He wanted to knit a blanket for his Mom.

It was to be a surprise for Christmas and he took three months to make it. When his Mom unwrapped her present under the Christmas tree and saw what it was and represented, she shed a tear. Personally I think that this homemade blanket was the best present she had ever received from him.

Bob is going to Denmark for a week, to visit his parents, who are visiting his brother & family. As gifts for the kids, he is knitting them scarves. ( oh and he is taking some more play vouchers for play times, which turned out to be the greatest hit with the kids the last time we were there and was requested again! ) Blog story about our play vouchers..

This week, while we were in town, we dropped by the knitting shop. Bob wanted to get wool for the kids. Choosing the colours was not so easy, but he got the wool. Yesterday, he asked me to show him how to knit again, as he hadn't done any knitting for a few years.

Knitting is like riding a bicycle. Once you know how, it stays with you forever. Bob, I think, was surprised to realize that he hadn't forgotten his craft. Since yesterday, he has been eschewing the social aspect of his computer for the joy of knitting...even at 5 am!

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5 am...!
Great way to knit. Watching TV, while drinking a cup of coffee and having a blanket to keep the chills away!.