Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Bite, A Goal & A Need For Contact Lenses!

A New World Order in Soccer perhaps?

You know, I could never understand the euphoria of the mega Football Clubs winning a match, league or tournament. On the one hand it was great soccer being played ( mostly ) but on the other hand there was this niggling thought in the back of my mind:

They are only winning because they have the biggest purse....

Whose fault is it that clubs purchase talent as opposed to nurturing young sprigs into talented club players? Are we so driven by results that we forget about the sheer enjoyment of a soccer match where relatively unknowns score goals? Yes, some of you already are thinking how naive I am; let's face it, worldwide, money rules above all else and we abet this in a way because we cheer for the clubs and pay to watch them.

These mega clubs with mega purses and a bevy of soccer stars competing in a league, is the same as those fun races at school, where some of us had to hop on one leg while others could use two. A foregone conclusion!

Do you also feel it? There is a change afoot in the status quo of international soccer. This World Cup in Brazil is highlighting a problem....the Big Stars aren't performing as expected. Maybe they only do so well when they have other Superstar team mates to help them score the goals. Some almost looks like lost lambs on the pitch, not sure what to do without a ball to kick while others were amazing, ie .Arjen Robben. Wherever you looked, he was in the mix making opportunities for his team. Nice.

No one will forget the match played last night. The nail biting, shoulder biting one. The Italy - Uruguay one. Italy having to pack their bags to fly home is small fry. Having a repeat biter showing his fangs on the International stage is the clear winner of headlines and dare I say coffee break discussions ( albeit the new reality of coffee break discussions is everyone sitting having a cup of coffee while typing up a tweet or posting on Facebook...very sad.).

It was rather funny hearing the German commentator during and after the incident. He once or twice said that ' the biter / Der Beisser " was in control of the ball. A minute later he must have been tasked in his earpiece, because he used his full name after that...

The only thing I want to add to this " Draculian " affair, is that normally toddlers do it to get attention and he should have been given a funky tooth guard like rugby players wear.

Leading up to the departure of Italy from the World Cup 2014, were a lot of blundering obvious misses. How on earth can such seasoned, professional and mega rich players miss a goal by such distances. Not once, but often. Did they want to lose, or should they have their eyesight tested? The kids in our village wouldn't have missed some of these goal opportunities...