Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Humble Daisy: Beautiful, Simple Yet Oh So Charming,

Voila, the daisy collection Spring 2014

What is it about the humble daisy that is so divine? Could it be that as children we made daisy chains? At least I did. Can you remember making them as well? You know, pierce the stem of one and put the stem of the next one through. Ah, now that I think of it, that was the first crown we girls donned. Possibly the first and last one!

The red collection!
The purple collection!
The individual daisy has such perfection: perfect petals combined with the yellow center. Nature...awe-inspiring.
In the mix of the " wild ".
Doesn't that look inviting to just sit there with a good book and glass of wine ( or cup of coffee )?
The blue sky is a wonderful backdrop to the fabulous daisies.
Last but not least, the daisies mingling...