Saturday, 28 June 2014

How Do You Take Your Coffee, With Or Without Capsule?

Was it necessary to reinvent this particular wheel?

Yes, a cup of coffee made the capsule way does taste good and some in fact burst with exceptional coffee flavour & aroma. No question about it, but have you ever thought beyond this one cup of ' capsuled ' coffee?

Somehow I am still stuck between the 60's and the 80's in regard to coffee. The 60's method of making coffee reminds me of my Grandfather. He thought me the intricate details of making a pot of filter coffee sans filter machine ( oh yes, it can be done! ) and it makes me feel like a traditionalist. When I show off my 80's roots, it doesn't mean that I am in legwarmers, leotards and teased hair. No, just that I still make coffee each morning with a simple and rather old fashioned drip-filter machine.

They do still exist but one has to almost hunt for them in antique shops. Not quite but almost. At our local Eduscho / Tchibo store, they sell all types of capsule coffee machine along with a confusing array of different coloured capsule, but no humble filter coffee machine in sight.

Advertisers are clever and I have to take my hat off to them. They have managed to sell most of us the need to make a cup of coffee that cost us about 50 cents per cup, as opposed to a filter machine cup of coffee that costs about 10 cents or less a cup. ( By the way, why do you think that Coffee-Chains are so successful? A cup of coffee for 2-3 bucks...!) When you see it like this it doesn't look so bad, but consider how many cups of coffee your household drinks each day...

Each capsule gives one cup of coffee and afterwards this container is tossed out. A capsule has plastics and metals in it along with some sort of foil lid. That can't be so good for our environment. Consider how many millions if not billions of these capsules are used each year. More or less in the last decade we have reinvented a cup of coffee into something that causes even more harm to our environment. Stupidly I thought that their would be some environmental " Green " watchdog agency that would have vetoed this.

Sadly, only good old fashioned worry about our health might do the trick. What is being talked about ( but not yet proven ) is that drinking coffee made the capsule way might be more harmful to our health than good. Maybe living a simpler and simplified life is better after all....