Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wow, How Exciting, A Young Buck And I In The Vineyards...

A morning of fun.

Isn't it amazing how most days something exciting happens. That, of course is the reason I am never without my trusty camera. Take yesterday for example. My mum and I went off to clean a Holiday Kellerstöckl and along the way she mentioned that one of the neighbours was looking after a young buck.

Wow, meeting a young buck up close can normally only be done in a zoo. I see buck(s) ( apart from the odd penny on the floor ) often on my walks but only fleetingly and in the distance.

This little buck is about three weeks old and was rescued in the middle of the night. He was found lying in the road and had obviously been abandoned by his mother and family. Stefan was phoned and he has been taking care of this little bundle for about a month now. He has built him a little enclosure complete with a nice sleeping nest. To be honest, when I saw how cute this little guy was, I would have let it sleep inside the house with me. His legs are still wobbly and he bolts around like an unsure teenager.

Stefan is so good with this little fella. He bottle feeds him 5 times a day and even gets up for the 3am feed. Frankly, I think Stefan is experiencing what any new mum goes through. Sheer exhaustion. These little one need attention the whole time and the buck is no different.

When we got there mid morning, the baby buck was whiling the time away until his next bottle. Stefan told us that they had been for a long walk in the forest and the little one showed signs of teenage laziness; he plonked himself down and refused to go further. ( I tried that when I was younger... )
Being in Stefan's arms is simply the best...
" Excuse me, but my nose is itchy. "
Isn't he just so cute and cuddly? He was curious about what I was doing with the camera in my hand.
Like any other teenager, he needs constant entertainment. Stefan kick the soccer ball to him and it did look as if he enjoyed it and tried to block it off with his hooves. No, he can not predict the winner of the World Cup!!!
He has the run of the yard. I know he looks a bit skinny, but I tend to think that it is normal.
Wow, that was so special, being able to stroke the young buck. Just fabulous.
Yep, like a baby. Feeding time.
Even I could tell that he had had enough of me taking pictures and watching him eat. But, I will try and visit him often, as his pen is on my route...