Tuesday, 17 June 2014

All Things Nice, Lavender & Spice.

Dear World, please calm down!

There seems to be a lot more unhappiness, conflict and hatred in the World right now. Where have we all ( collectively ) gone wrong? Life is something to be treasured and adored. Who or what will stop this madness in so many places? We all think with horror and disgust at what happened during the World War 2, and yet hundreds and thousands have been killed in recent fighting in Syria, Iraq and so many more places. Millions more live in conditions that you shouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

It is time to spread peace and tranquility. One by one we can make a difference especially in the era of Social Media. We are inundated by bad news, killings and greed. It is just as easy to Share something good than it is to Share something bad. I do wonder whether greed itself is not the instigator of a lot of these conflicts around the globe.

It might be laughable to you, but I strongly believe that even a moment where we look at, hear or read something nice, might help us move into a different direction. It might remind us that we don't have to participate or accept conflict of any sort. In the 90's there was this campaign to stop youngsters taking drugs.

Just say NO to drugs.
well, I think we need to start a new one.
Just say YES for peace...
Life is simple. Life is nice. Life is precious.


Lavender and its soothing influence.
Lavender and bees. Bees are so vital to us. Their buzzing is twofold; pollinating foods and putting a nice sound about.
Isn't life beautiful? When you ' get ' the simple things, the rest will sort itself out...