Friday, 6 June 2014

From The Humble Daisy To The Remembrance Poppy (and A Strange Bird).

Wherever you stumble across a Poppy, it stands out.

You can't argue with nature and I am not going to try either. Nature, is and will always ( hopefully we all get to our senses regarding the Global warming issue ) be stunning, beautiful, enhancing and supportive to us. ( In case you missed it, here is yesterday's humble daisy collection )

Here is my Poppy - Spring - Collection 2014...all taken along my morning route with a supporting actor - a bird. This bird, whose picture you will see soon, made itself known to me by a series of screeching noises. It sounded like it was in pain, but upon seeing a second bird circling, I think they were up to some Hanky - Panky...I took a few photos before any serious " stuff " happened, but I needn't have worried as they didn't like me being there.

Nature's way of getting our attention and dare I say, very successful indeed.
Can you see the happy bee on the poppy? Taking this photo, I had a wonderful sound effect of buzzing & buzzing...
Picture perfect.
What fabulous colour combinations that Mother Nature creates.
The hidden jewel.
Here is the bird in question? Do you know what it is?
He thought I wouldn't see him, but...