Monday, 2 June 2014

A Hectic Sunday Indeed, Not One But Two Events.

Either too much or too little it seems.

Sunday morning saw the start of the Mountain bike race and the competitors almost doubled this year from the last two years. Yeah for our Eisenberg! Appropriately and cunningly our local Vinothek had their open day on Saturday. A free tasting of all the local wine and it is only natural to want to taste most of them!

The cyclists were well behaved ( I think! ) but there were plenty of folk who enjoyed our delicious wines. Even though it was overcast, a few sunglasses were sported & a few wished they had brought them! The wine tasting was a huge success and again put our area on the Wine-Connoisseur's maps. The party went into the wee hours of the morning but you wouldn't have guessed it because the cyclists looked fresh and raring to go.

Bob had to leave early to help with the marshalling and I walked over a bit later in order to see the start...and Bob. Walking along the forest lane to get there ( about a 20 min walk ) a few cyclists whizzed past me on a practice run. I have to say though, when I cheerfully shouted out a
" Good Morning " only 1 in 5 replied in kind. Oh dear!

Waiting for the start was nice because most of the village was there to watch. Along with of course the various helpers and even a TV reporter. While standing there, watching Bob do his bit ( looking oh so spiffy ) and chatting with people it made me again realize how much I like living here and how special it is.

Bob was the gofer ( go for this & go for that ) and knowing that I wouldn't see much of him, I went on to function # 2. Our local choir had performed in Eberau the week before and Mum told me that the Eberau choir were putting on a Schnitzel - Feast to raise funds. Never one to pass up a Schnitzel, I gladly went along.

Eberau is about a 15 min drive away and also the village with the delectable ice cream cafe. When we got to the function, it was already in full swing. There were tables in someones back garden. Tables packed with people. Fantastic. The Schnitzel itself was fabulous too and came in different varieties. Even a cordon bleu one...yummy. Schnitzel, delicious local wine & good company made this Sunday afternoon a great one.


Bob had to make sure the first corner was free of spectators and I must say, after seeing how jolly fast they do start, it was necessary.
The wait.
Quite competitive.
Off they go at great speed.
The Schnitzel cookout...
Great company.