Monday, 9 June 2014

A Few Reasons You'll Love To Visit Burgenland.

We love tourists by the way...

  • The best is of course our award winning wine. The other day I was showing visitors their abode and they asked me casually if there are any quaffable wines in the area. Well....blase ( yet inwardly jumping for joy & with pride ) I mentioned that our village boasts the Best Red Wine of Austria 2014 / The Best Young Winemaker / Winzer in Dare I say Europe 2014 & The official supplier of Red Wine to the Austrian Olympic House in Sochi. Let me tell you, their eyes popped open at their fortunate turn of events! ( Don't forget that all of our winemakers in the area have delectable and very drinkable wines.)
  • Nature, nature & more is just so beautiful here.

  • Wildlife of all sorts: You can be walking around and different magic animals cross your path.
  • We cater for exercise fanatics. Fanatics of all sorts. Those that love to walk have unending paths to pound. Did I mention that all the paths are amid the splendors and beauty of the vineyards? It is so amazing that you can easily walk for miles. Those that love to cycle are in luck, as we have bicycle paths ( next to the road, not on the road ) with pit - stops inbetween. Those pit - stops vary from a bench and table next to the path to an authentic Buschenschank to recharge your batteries.

  • We are a friendly bunch. Of course you might get the odd exception, and greetings are usually with a nod of the head or wave of the hand, but on the whole we are happy to see tourists admiring and staying in our area. Staying in our area, will transport you back to a time when you were young and had a holiday in the country. Getting a whiff of either freshly cut grass or dare I say, horse manure, unclogs memories of spending time in the country. Absolutely divine!
  • We are in the heart of Europe and doing day trips to various parts of it is easy and fun. The Austrian Grand Prix is only about two hours away...!
  • Oh, and I nearly forgot....we have an average of 300 days of sunshine per year.


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