Friday, 20 June 2014

A Day In The Company Of Nature.

Surprisingly refreshing.

These are parts of nature that I find so soothing, pretty and amazing. They are nothing special at first, but when you take a closer look, they can whisk you away to that part of your imagination that's made for day dreaming. A gentle nature gives us back our dreams and fancies. At least I tend to think though.

Most of us look for inner inspiration while out shopping, wearing our income with as many outer labels as possible and driving around in our pensions ( always upgrading your car ensures that your retirement is a bit further down the road ). Yet all along, the key to our inner happiness has been right in front of us: a blade of grass, a beautiful flower and wheat fields being massaged by gusts of wind.

A summer moment in a photo.
The wheat fields are changing colour and are a most heartwarming shade of yellow crossing into orange. The green creeper puts a full stop under the photo.
If that isn't a dream catcher, then...! A perfect spot to have a picnic blanket complete with a glass of white wine and a loved one. Imagine watching the sun set with this frame?
A perfectly placed lookout. It does look a bit like an old fashioned public loo, but no, it isn't a longdrop...
A simple walk does look enticing. Imbibing nature's colour spectrum washes a lot of cares away.
I finally managed to get some birds on film. There were so many fluttering in and about this tree and with cunning I got this picture. The birds almost look like flying saucers...
To end off, here is a bunch of flowers for you. Have a happy day...