Saturday, 7 June 2014

Husbands Need To Have Hobbies That Don't Include Their Wives!

Male bonding, or just some " free - time " ?

This " free-time " could be taken to apply to either husband or wife... Anyway, what got me thinking of this is Bob's new sideline: being in the local volunteer fire department. They do have a lot of fun, meetings and practices. All good, because when the real stuff happens, they need to be a team and instinctively do teamwork and rely on each other. Yes, I am all for it.

There have been a few full uniform functions where Bob's team showed off their skills ( & good looks ) in other villages. When Bob got ready for these events, I did ask him whether I could come along and he said:

" No, none of the other wives come along. It would be embarrassing for me! "
Fair enough, Bob. Yet, when he tells me about the function afterwards, somehow a few of the wives seemed to have tagged along. This might sound silly, but it makes me feel a bit guilty for not being there to support my husband.

We were in a neighbouring village yesterday afternoon and I was chatting with a few women. One of them mentioned that she remembered seeing Bob at one of the functions. Feeling guilty in case she thought I had abandoned Bob, I explained to her that Bob didn't want me to tag along.
She ( and she is a young wife ) had a little smile and told me:

" Why feel guilty? Yeah, isn't it nice to have an afternoon to yourself? "
. Oh how right she is. Please men, don't think that you take a lot of energy & effort...all of the time!

The universe works in mysterious ways, because yesterday evening, ( an evening where Bob was at another practice to couple his hoses faster ) I had a quick conversation with another friend. The subject of Bob being at practice came up. Straight away she said to me:

" Men need to bond with other men. Anyway, isn't it nice to have some time to yourself ? "
. Oh, I got the message to stop feeling guilty. Bob, you needn't worry about the ' old ball & chain ' tagging along. Quite to the contrary, those times you are at practice etc, I will make the best of it and:
  • make my favourite supper
  • & watch my RomComs or at least be in charge of the remote control
  • have a glass or two of wine...

When I think about it in more detail, it makes sense for men to do their own thing at sports / hobbies etc. Just think how happy and excited they are to come home and tell you about
all the g(l)ory details of their exploits...