Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Art Of Staying Awake For The World Cup Soccer Matches Tends To Elude Me.

Surely there must be a trick of sorts?

Isn't it typical. As a partial insomniac I've slept through most of the World Cup matches bar one: Germany vs Portugal. But oh, what a cracker of a match it was to watch. Why can't most of the matches be at around six o'clock and this good?

If the matches are exciting then of course staying awake is easier. Maybe a foul here and there to start off with, or a speedy goal such as the Americans performed, helps the matter. We have got to have a reason to stay glued to the match. The Belgium vs Algeria performance yesterday was a yawn fest until half time, and then we got a glimpse of why they say that the Belgians are whispered to be among the secret contenders to win!? Well, they almost stayed extremely secret.

Wherever the tournament is held, someone is having to burn the midnight oil. We have been lucky so far with having decent viewing times in past World Cups. Let's hope that the good matches in this one, are shown at earlier times.

During half time, the presenters ( mostly old - soccer stars ) go through a bit by bit explanation complete with arrows on screen. Bob things it is tedious but I assume they need to warrant such a huge salary to the TV station. Little crumbs of insider knowledge do tend to be banded about. Did you know that the height ( or lack of ) the Belgium player helped score the 2 goals? Now that will be impressive knowledge for moi to drop among a round of guys...

Even though Bob and I slept through the opening ceremony and only hopped aboard the World Cup " Train " through Germany's prolific goal scoring, we now do try and make the effort to watch the matches. The early one's aren't the problem. The semi-late one ( 9 o'clock ) means at least one of us is asleep. The midnight performances will be lost to us and unfortunately I only read about the thrilling finale of John Brooks scoring the late goal to win the match for USA. That must have been a great game to watch and I think they will be playing Portugal soon.

This is a match I will try and stay awake for. Naturally I would cheer for the USA, but I know that eventually Germany will go through in this group. Talking of Portugal, does the Superstar know that it is very obvious that he has his eyebrows enhanced by a beautician? Don't let me get started on Bob's comments regarding the Superstars perfectly oiled crowning glory! His moves are impressive though.

The world cup fever seems to have caught up with us and it is safe to assume that we will be watching all the early matches in full. ( Goodness gracious, I even googled Thomas Müller yesterday and was shocked to find out that he is only 24 years old!!! ) Is there anyone else who is amazed at how quickly the time has passed between the last world cup in South Africa and this one in Brazil? Where have the last four years gone to?