Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Good Morning Sunshine!

The simple things make life special.

As most of you don't have the opportunity to meander around the countryside, I thought I would take some photos to make your day a bit more cheerful...

I wonder where this plane is going to?

Early bird and so forth...5.20am
A sunrise has so many interesting angles to it.
This one will make your thoughts wonder off in all types of directions...all good of course.
Another take and even I have to say, it is jolly nice!
Our village church bathed in dawn's light.
It does seem as if this photo is skew, but I just wanted to show you the sun's reflection on the grass. A pleasure for the soul to see.
The mystique or mystery of what this new day will bring? The feeling of summer is permeating the air and the kids can't wait for their summer holidays.
A different church yet just as beautiful to behold in the morning light.