Friday, 13 June 2014

A Drive With A Difference.

Heat, forest & men in uniform.

Show me a gal who isn't instantly impressed when a man in uniform crosses her path. There surely cannot be too many who aren't? We all remember Richard Gere in his uniform! I dare say that I am extremely lucky because Bob is now equipped with a uniform ( fireman ) and looks a treat when he dons it. But yesterday was an extra special treat...

By the way, the real reason that I ( & hopefully others ) am so gaga over soldiers in uniform, is the stark reality that they are willing to put their life on the line defending ours. Think about that: How many of us would step up to the plate and give our lives in order for many to have the freedom of theirs? Of course I am against armed conflicts but unfortunately the world is still ruled by money & egos...

Bob and I drove to Güssing for our weekly shopping combined with visiting an elderly lady in hospital. We took the shortcut to Güssing as it saves at least 12 km and is a nice drive. The road that meanders through the forest is a bit iffy; narrow and full of pot holes yet also incredibly stunning. An avenue of stately trees that change into their different colours according to season. Nice.

My eyes were sharp and I noticed straight away that there were men in uniform about. Of course we both remembered that there is a army base in Güssing and that would account for all these men walking about. My camera was out in a flash and Bob was in a state straight away:

" Are you mad? Put that camera away. If they see you taking pictures they might arrest us! "
" Oh, don't be silly, they are walking on a public road and anyway, I won't take any close ups. "
As a seasoned wife, I know what to let in the one ear and out the other. My camera was working but I did make sure that I was discreet. Yesterday was a bit cooler, but still in the 30's.

These troops were in full gear. Backpacks that looked heavy and rifles that looked ready, hanging on the side. At first I thought of how cruel the Sergeants are to make these men walk in full gear up a hill in hot weather. But when I had time to consider it, it made sense to prepare these troops for hotter climes. For all I know, they could be seconded to NATO and have to serve in temperatures warmer than in Burgenland.

Bob told me stories of his time in the army. I think he had a flash back to marches he had had to do. There is one that he remembers vividly as it was a 25 km march in full gear which apparently weighed about 25 kilos. Bob's famous one-liner stems from this episode:

" Ek kan nie meer nie, Korporal!
basically it means: No More, I am finished. Bob tends to use this phrase when we clean our house, when he washes the dishes and we go for a gentle stroll down the village....!


A scenic drive, isn't it? There in the distance you can see a few men marching.
That looks heavy!