Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Please Stop Flashing, Waving Or Blinking At Me When I Am Driving.

It's not cool!

There is only one person who is allowed to flash, blink, or wave at me and that is my Schatzi a.k.a. Bob....Of course the only time Bob would flash me, is when he has run out of boxers and is lodging a complaint with the laundry department in our household.

" You always put more of your clothes in the machine and what am I going to wear now? "
Schatzi also blinks at me or rather winks when he is trying to catch my eye because he wants to go home. After a few years together, I can decipher the various blinks coming my way as having a meaning or Bob simple having something in his eye.

Yesterday morning I set off to Güssing by myself. Bob didn't want to come along as I was going to visit someone at the hospital and like any man, he doesn't like waiting. Fair enough, it was rather fun to have the chariot to myself for a long drive. Long being relative. A round trip of 60 km is now a long drive for us. Usually the only bit of driving I get to do, is driving Schatzi insane with my co-driving tactics ( some would call it the back seat driver/ irritant ).

The sun was shining and the warm temperature lent itself for open windows, flowing hair and loud music. Easy listening music. Music to sing along to with great abandon, which I did. The one thing I tend to be good at is driving the allowed speed and dare I say I often drive less than it. Bob calls me a Granny behind the wheel and yes, other cars do overtake me but that is their problem.

About 10 km out of Güssing on a long stretch of road that had bits of forest along it, a car drove past me and flashed its lights at me. Oh, what was wrong now. Did I forget to dim the brights? The cars have their lights on permanently for safety and when I set off in the morning, I cleaned the windscreen. Naturally, not using that feature often, I pressed the wrong lever at first. When this car was past me, I checked my brights and they were off.

Gosh, darn it, another car did the same to me plus the driver also waved at me. Oh dear, now I was worried. Our chariot is not a new one and I had visions of bits falling off or worse. There were no cars behind me and I slowed down a bit. When a third car did another bout of flashing, I panicked and slowed down to a stop on the side of the road. Oh my Gosh, who could I phone to fetch me?

I got out, and had a look at the lights. They didn't seem bright and believe me, I bent down to check at driver level. Nothing was falling off the car either. All in all I did 3 lots of checking the various light settings and found no faults. I got back in the car and drove on. What else could I do apart from stressing and worrying about how to sort out the car. After driving for another 500 meters the problem revealed itself...

The road had dense trees on either side and all of a sudden, I spotted two non-indigenous species: Dressed in dark blue and holding a speed measuring device. Oh, it was a police speed trap.

Please folk, don't warn me the next time because it is dangerous and not cool. If you want to break the road rules, be grown up enough to pay the price.

It could save a live.