Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Rainbow, A Stork & Corn...

A textbook rainbow and more.

Just for you, here are a collection of moments in nature that are too beautiful not to share. I hope your Tuesday will be a nice one.

Last Friday evening, in front of our house. The late afternoon sun just caught the passing thunderstorm and gave us a beautiful double rainbow. How striking are the colours. I almost wanted to run outside to look for this much advertised and promised pot of gold!
Make a wish.
My ' cloud ' attraction strikes again. The perfectly positioned cloud at the end of the vine.
A wild collage, yet the height and colours are in perfect harmony.
A green bouquet for you. This corn can only taste fantastic once its harvested. A perfect deep and fresh green.
A slice of rural jungle...complete with field mouse ( unseen somewhere ) and bees, who could only be heard by me...the buzz was constant yet happy.
Summer has just arrived and yet this looks rather autumn like...
This stork meandered across the road in front of us. A bit of a dawdler...