Saturday, 21 June 2014

Soccer Madness Has Taken Over.

The World Cup 2014 will be one to remember, I think.

Somehow the recent upsets of the Titans / Big Shots / Millionaires of soccer not making that much of a difference, ( ie. countries that everyone had tagged for the semi finals, are not even past the first round of matches ) has made this tournament come alive for us spectators.

Far from favourites, suddenly upsetting the apple cart and winning matches is a treat to behold. Watching these modern day " gladiators " battling it out is fun. Granted, some of them are prone to do a bit too much acting the closer they are to loosing a match. A mere opposing finger tip touching them is their cue for a wonderful impression of a worm wreathing about on the floor.

By the by, do the " thespian " players think we are that gullible? One minute they are agonizing on the floor and the next they are going for it full guns ahead! Highly suspicious...

Isn't a World Cup tournament a sort of Shopping Mall for the various clubs and trainers? They are all out looking to spend oodles of money. Just like in a mall they'll have the discount shops and the luxury ones. Talent will get discovered and I imagine laziness uncovered...

Have you also noticed how at times the important stars, those that do earn unbelievable amounts of money, seem not so eager any more? Let's face it, if you had 10 / 20 or more million in the bank ( and know that there is more on the way ) would you still give it your all? Are these soccer stars reflecting the malaise of society? Overindulged, bored and wanting for little.

What I have noticed about this particular World Cup and not really seen at others, is the large amount of players sporting tattoos. Are they trying to out match one another while at the same time have one up on the guy that started the craze; one David Beckham?

Yesterday's match between France & Switzerland was a cracker of a game. Wow, edge of your seat kind of stuff. A spectators heaven. This is what we want to see. A team pulling on the same rope and finding the net again and again.

On a personal note, Bob kicked a soccer ball about while waiting for our class to start. He was showing off and pretending to look as light as a feather on his feet while at the same time flicking the ball forward.

" Schatzi, you are like Messi....only spelled with a Y. "
at least I can still get Bob to laugh with real abandon...