Thursday, 12 June 2014

Friday The 13th & A Full Moon...

The plot thickens!

Doesn't it feel strange to have the start of the Brazilian World Cup on a Thursday? Why not the usual Friday? A Friday when most of us are in week-end mode and eating a pizza. Oh well, let it be a Thursday then. But to be frank, all the controversy over it has lessened my appetite for it. Aren't we merely watching a lot of mega - millionaires running around chasing a ball? By the way, is that soccer player who had the sulks because he didn't get a big birthday party thrown for him, playing? I mean, seriously the sulks over not having enough fuss made for your birthday by the people who pay you millions for your salary...?

But back to this Thursday business: Superstition could have played a part in it. Let's be honest, don't we all have a bit more awe if a Friday happens to be the 13th as well? Rest assured that I won't be happy should a black cat cross my path. Yet, I will be rushing out to buy a Lotto ticket because honestly, who couldn't use 135 Million Euros?

That is for a normal Friday the 13th but tomorrow we also have a full moon. Ooh, how exciting indeed! As a fan of Twilight ( the novels ) I am going to walk through the forest expecting Edward to run about chasing a deer for supper. There might be plenty of men chasing their Dears, but alas it won't be Edward as he sadly is fictional after all. Weren't those the best novels to devour?

Re-runs of Nightmare on Elm Street will be looping all night and a lot of us will be worried about the faintest bit of noise. Windows will be shut and door locks double checked. At least I will make sure of it... Isn't it strange, how so many of us ( or maybe it is just me ) will be visualizing that very ugly and awful ' Freddy Kruger ' standing outside our front door with his stupid axe? Ah, a misspent youth watching a never ending supply of Nightmare on Elm Street. How many sequels / prequels did they make?

Either Schatzi or I will try and do a scary noise ( if we remember ) to give each other a fright. A full moon and a Friday the 13th is too good an opportunity to pass up. Ah, the games we married lot play! Let's see if Schatzi falls for my mysterious sound. Maybe a faint knock, whisper or moan. Which one of us will be more scared, I wonder.

Oh drat, I just remembered that Schatzi isn't in tomorrow evening... he will be running laps on the soccer field training to get his running time faster for the Fire Department competitions. Or will they be called out to follow up on strange noises...