Monday, 23 June 2014

A Greasy Fry-Up On A Sunday Morning!

A breakfast of Champions or just plain yummy?

You know, it doesn't matter what time I have to leave home in the mornings; I will eat breakfast first. Not a fry-up every time but oat porridge at least. Don't think me mad, but if I have to leave at 6 am, I'll have breakfast at 5.45 am. Those odd folk who don't eat anything until 11 am are a mystery to me and dare I say, they can get very grumpy...

Since Bob and I have been an item, we more or less have had a fancy fry-up on Sundays. We used to go to the local Mall and have breakfast there. Almost like an adventure and about a year or two into this adventure, we persuaded Bob's parents to go with us. At first they couldn't understand the allure of eating breakfast anywhere but at home, but very soon after, we had made mall breakfasters out of them. Even without us there, they still go and I think that is great.

What is this allure of eating out? Take this breakfast habit we had. When we went to a coffee shop, all the usual distractions of a modern couple ( Internet, books, bed...complete with TV ) weren't there and voila, an old fashioned conversation.

This going for a fry-up has so many aspects to it. Take for example the whole staging of these Sunday mornings: the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the corridors of the mall and beckoning us towards its source, the smell of toast in the toaster and of course the eggs frying merrily away. Simply marvelous. As a bonus, you could watch the supporting actors ( other breakfasters ) and their breakfast habits.

A greasy fry-up must have been an English invention back in the day, because it seems that only the former colonies are used to this kind of breakfast. It came as a slight disappointment to Bob and I to realize that hardly anyone serves a fry-up where we are. Breakfast here ( & in Germany ) consists of bread rolls / rye bread and jam. Sometimes they serve cold meats too.

Yesterday morning somehow saw us sitting in Badersdorf, at Aloisia's . My golly gosh, how did we end up there? ( all those delectable cakes perhaps? ) The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting nonstop and we sat at a table marveling at how nice our life is together. When I had a look at the menu, I couldn't believe it....Aloisia's was serving breakfast and among the choices was a 75 % fry-up;
( two fried eggs, a rasher of bacon and plain rye bread along with a cucumber and tomato slice ).

We both would have loved to see proper toast on the picture and possibly fried mushrooms, baked beans and relish, but hey, even the semi fry-up is a win. When I looked at the price, I had to double check with the waitress. Can you believe, all this including a cup of freshly brewed coffee is only euro 4,50?

Well, Sunday's might have to be re-planned in our household and maybe we can persuade my parents and or friends to come along with us on a Sunday morning Adventure to Aloisia's...