Friday, 10 January 2014

The Mysterious Bag on the Doorstep!!

Did I mention it was raw meat?

The others were waiting in the idling car while I ran in to check up on my parents place. Half turning to wave at them, I opened the outer doors having the key ready for the inner door. Good grief, what was that?

Anything that is out of place tends to catch ones eye, and this see - through plastic packet on the floor was one of those ' not meant to be there ' items. Why couldn't Bob have stumbled upon this. Jeez-a-lou, a bag of raw ribs. Naturally, having had a marathon TV session of Criminal Minds ,my mind went into overdrive!

Oh, after a second I realized that living in the country, friends or meat farmers tend to drop off parcels of meat and when you are not in, they just normally leave it on your doorstep ( Isn't it nice to live in a place where you don't need to worry about stuff ).

Marveling at another bonus point of living in the country, I took the bag of meat and ran back to the car. Bob and our friends had a bit of a giggle at me swinging a bag of raw meat. Showing off to our friends, who are here from South Africa about how life is lived in our paradise, I mumbled:

" Oh, I am sure the sheep farmer dropped off a Christmas present and didn't know that my folks were away. "

The day was a hectic one, and we barely managed to put the meat in the fridge before setting off on our chores...inspecting a Buschenschank. But the next morning, I couldn't help but stumble over this large bag when I opened the fridge to get milk for my coffee. To be honest, a see through bag of raw ribs is not the most enjoyable sight!

Bob, normally the chief meat cooker in our household was a tad bit under the weather as he had attended the Firemen's ball the previous night. You could say that Bob married well, because I cooked the ribs for him, knowing that he would be ravenous.... and right I was.

Technology is amazing and with it we have been in contact with my folks on the other side of the World. When I told them about this find on their doorstep, I didn't think it through properly.

You know what parents are like. They love to give you errands that you wouldn't normally think of doing.

" Make sure you phone Julia and thank her. It must have been from them. Don't forget to do it! "
Even if I would forget, we all know that Mum's never forget to remind us.

Taking the bull by the horns, I phoned Julia to whom I maybe speak to once a year, if that. So, imagine putting this little story over the phone. By the time we got our i's dotted and t's crossed, she was laughing with great gusto.

" Birgit, we would never just leave a bag of raw meat on a doorstep" . " No, it wasn't us ".
Well, at least she now has a funny story to tell at dinner parties. Gosh, I could still hear her chuckle as she put down the phone!

Skyping my Mum to tell her about this development, didn't appease her. Oh no, she sent me on a new mission. Can you believe it, I have to phone all the local hunters and see who left me holding the bag....


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