Saturday, 25 January 2014

" Have You Ever Played Pool, Bob? "

The notorious line every pool player yearns to be asked at some stage!

Bob is a newly minted member of our local volunteer fire brigade. It's still early days in his training and he might have to contend himself with the eternal Wax on - Wax off action of cleaning the fire engine. But don't forget, that it is every man's dream from toddler days...

I am sure you can imagine what fun it is to be part of the Fire Brigade. Bob is pleased as punch and seriously, it looks as if he is walking taller all of a sudden! He has already been kitted out in his parade uniform and casual uniform with his name tag on it.

Bob and some of his fellow firemen went meandering along one side of a village street last night, knocking on every door and giving away tickets for the annual ball. Gosh, don't feel bad for Bob. Even though it was a freezing last night, Bob was only cold until he got to the first door. As is tradition in our area, each household gives them a tot of firewater...

Fast forward to when he toddled home a few hours later ( the beauty of it is that he can walk everywhere and get home in one piece ). Oh, you should have seen and heard Bob. A Classic Bob. My Bob.

Not far from our house is the local ' Dart club ' and might as well be called the local ' Youth Club '. It seems to be a hang out for the under 25's and I am sure that the over 30's are not often seen crossing the threshold. Last night, when they had finished their ticket round, the others ( a few could be young enough to be Bob's kids ) asked Bob in for a drink.

" Bob, have you ever played pool? "
" Oh yes, I have! "
Honestly, I think they thought that an elderly gent ( remember they are in their early 20's ) and one from South Africa to boot, will be out of his depth for sure. For all I know, they wanted to show him a thing or two...

Well they don't know Bob. I think Bob almost 'hovercrafted' over the floor when he told me later:

" Schatzi, can you believe it. Every game I played, I won! Yohoo, I won!!!!"

In between telling me of his success a few more times ( like 30 ), I asked him what the others said to that?

" They mentioned that if I am ever in the area, I am welcome to drop in. "
Sorry to burst your bubble, Bob:
  • You should have let them win a game or two, because let's face it, we live 200 meters down the road! You are in the area at least 5 times a day!
  • The only other time that you were invited to this ' Dart club / Youth club ', you were asked if you knew how to play darts. Bob, you won at darts too.( Oh, I kid you not ) As there are also young lasses present, whom the young lads would like to impress with their dart skills, I am sure that they are not too keen to have such a good dart player in their midst....


Bob in his parade uniform. This was taken about 2 weeks ago! Doesn't he look handsome?