Monday, 20 January 2014

Naysayers: How Are You Going To Explain This Bizarre Weather Pattern?

Let's all pull together and have a future...

Are we irritated enough by the weather yet?
Is it affecting us in a negative way yet?
There is surely no way the naysayers can still profess that there is no such thing as Climate Change?
Gosh, we are all feeling it right now!

At the moment the weather is nice and pleasant for some of us. No extreme cold. But others have had to experience a freezing of unimaginable proportions, such as the polar vortex that was inflicted on the eastern United States and Canada. Yet, at the same time the other side of the country ( West Coast ) is experiencing a horrendous drought. A drought so severe, that it is affecting the food supply. Some farmers can't afford to irrigate their crops and thus leave some fields fallow; and the rest of the meagre water supply is being used to put out wild fires.

Apart from being irritated by the climate change, it will hit some of us where it hurts...our wallet. Growing our own vegetables and fruits in our backyard will be the trend of the future. Subsistence farming. Forget about bragging with our beachfront property ( with the rising sea levels, are there still buyers for those ? ) Oh no, the real wealthy will be the ones who have property with ample land to plant for own-use. If they have their own water well...well those are the lucky ones!

Please everyone, let's be proactive. Even a small change in our life will collectively make a dent in this awful carbon emission business:

  • Wherever we can, let's take public transport. If it is not feasible, let's try and plan our drives more efficiently. Car pool if possible.
  • Try and incorporate the Slow Food Movement into some part of our week. You know, only cook foods that were grown in our area. i.e No travelling of the foods.
  • Use up left overs. I am guilty of this and often forget that there is a Tupperware with yummy leftovers in the fridge.
  • Separate our garbage. Plastics / glass / paper / tins.
  • Make do with our clothes. Don't keep on buying new things because they are not fashionable anymore. Try and wear pants for more than a season or two.( If it is a pair of skinny them in! )
  • Switch off lights when we leave a room.
  • Bring our own basket / packet to the supermarket. Don't buy a plastic packet every time.
  • Shower smarter...Water Saver Shower Head.

There are so many changes we could make, but I just wanted you to know that even the little changes help. Remember, there are so many of us. Think of it as the compound interest of the green movement.

By the by, the green movement that a lot of people used to laugh and point fingers at, is the movement that will make sure we all have a chance to experience old age....